Revenge 3×05 “Control” Recap: Trusting The Wrong Person?

This weeks episode of Revenge was yet another jam-packed episode filled with trust issues.

Below is a look at the highlights of the night:

Source: ABC

1. Conrad’s attempted killer revealed.. and yep it was Victoria’s long-lost and found son Patrick but ofcoarse Victoria covered her sons back and put Charlotte in the line of fire saying it would ‘protect’ Jack.. still though, you gotta love Mrs. Victoria Grayson for her vindictiveness. I can’t wait to see Vic confront her son.. What will be his reasoning?

2. Aiden’s act of jealousy.. Okay it wasn’t as bad as the promos hinted as he aimed to shove Jack out of town in hopes of having Emily all to himself.  In the end though, Emily caught onto it and stopped him in his tracks. Aiden was then left feeling guilty over it and ended up revealing that the real culprit was her son to Victoria.

Is anyone else sensing a hookup between Victoria and Aidan in the near future, or is it just me?

3. Emily begins to let others in?.. Well not exactly, but we saw her open up to Daniel this week in hopes of gaining his trust and re-instating the wedding by talking about the pains of the loss of her father, even if it was indirect it was still full of emotion (Emily got me teary again).

We also saw her die a little inside when Margaux kissed Jack (poor Emily) and again show cracks in her revenge agenda as Jack told her that she may be putting too much trust in those who are in on her secret.

4. Nolan is need of some love… It all kicked into motion when Patrick caught onto Nolan’s secret deeds (I still have no clue how he found out). Nolan began to question his own motives and again showed somewhat of a resistance towards Emily as he began to think that Patrick really digs him. In the end though Patrick forgave him and they made up (aaw..). Is it just me or does Patrick gives off ‘a too good to be true’ vibe… There’s got to be some hidden agenda to him, afterall he did try to kill Conrad! Let’s hope Nolan doesn’t get hurt by trusting him..

Side-notes.. How nice of Victoria helping empower Margaux over her magazine, could she be the next Victoria Grayson? And once again we return to the wedding question.. Who bloody shoots Emily??

Overall Rating:

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