Revenge 3×04 “Mercy” Recap: Revelations Galore!

Revenge was, well… full of revengey-ness (no thats not a real word) this week that brought a lot of hidden secrets to the surface!

Below is a quick recap of all the juicy highlights of the episode…

Source: ABC

1. Conrad is guilty.. of Father Paul’s death as he ejected him from the car (what a a-hole), oh plus he discovered that he is not dying as his meds were tampered with (oh oh! Watch out Emily his on your case). Suspicions have been raised as to who done it have been fuelled by a certain someone.. but we’ll get to that in a moment!

2. Victoria gets a job.. Oh and it’s unlike any ordinary person who gets a job as Victoria managed to overthrow the boss (who also tried to destroy Victoria’s reputation) by putting her in her place and threatening to reveal her buy-off of her art to the world. Everything is right again for Mrs. Victoria Grayson.

3. Patrick Is.. Gay! Yes we guessed right last week of the undeniable chemistry between him and Nolan. It was Nolan who figured it out though, by paying off his ex-wife in giving details on him.. The question now is what did he learn? and is Patrick also playing him? Only time will tell.

4. Aidan is a jealous coniving backstabber.. who is the one as mentioned above fuelling the fire towards Jack being the culprit of trying to kill Conrad! Come on Aidan, Emily confided in you by telling the truth about telling Jack.. we know you love Emily and all but this will only hurt her again. Also what will happen when Jack finds out? Will it push Jack into bringing Emily’s secret to the surface?

Side-Notes.. Yes Emily and Victoria again had some great scenes along with those classic moments between Conrad and Victoria (that art line Victoria said was hilarious!). Charlotte, Daniel and the rest had little relevance this episode.

Overall, yet another jam-packed episode of Revenge that revealed no sign of slowing down this season. Everything is much more fast-paced this season and I’m sure fans are loving it!

Overall Rating:
What did you think of ‘Mercy’? What was your favourite development of the night?

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