Revenge 3×03 “Confession” Recap: Has all been forgiven?

WOW is all i can say about last night’s episode. It finally delivered a strong hour focusing on the main path of revenge set by Emily.. No more side-stories and random Initiative sub-plots. All has been forgiven both creative and plot wise.

Let’s take a look at the major highlights of the episode below.

Image: ABC

Emily continues to show cracks.. Ouch, things really blew up in Emily’s face last night on her quest to revenge as she began to see the ugly side of her vendetta thanks to Father Paul, in which she manipulated into getting a confession from Conrad of his sins. Paul told her though that forgiveness is key and revenge is to destroy ones self,  for a moment there we saw Emily question everything she lives for whilst on the phone to him. It really gave us hope that Emily might find a different way of coping with her anger over her father’s mistreatment.

Will Father Paul’s death set in motion a change for Emily or have further repercussions on her quest to revenge?.

Aiden is on… Emily’s side. Yes, it was revealed last night that Aiden is actually playing Victoria and is still helping Emily out.. Nicely done guys!, Nicely done.. I think everyone (well at least me) were all pretty much played since the premiere kicked off to think he turned to the dark side.

Victoria in turmoil.. Whilst Emily was having her own problems in her revenge agenda, Victoria was also in a sticky situation as she was left in a more vulnerable position then ever. First off, Emily spilled the details of the Grayson’s bankruptcy at Nolan’s housewarming party followed by a glimpse of her desperation of trying to take down Emily via the best line of the night “get rid of that little bitch” towards Aidan (in which she thinks is on her side). I think that was one of the first times we saw Victoria be so aggressive towards Emily? (Or am i forgetting some other times?).

And to top it all off Conrad was about to make a confession (in which she death threatened him over) that will damage the entire Grayson family name. Not a ounce of light for Victoria this episode..

Conrad confesses?.. My draw dropped a moment their when we first saw the car on fire, i thought both Conrad and Father Paul were dead and the moment we saw the body i thought it could of been Conrad.. but ofcoarse not Conrad as Victoria puts it, is the ‘devil himself’ and can never die! The question on everyones lips now is just what happened? Did Conrad catch on to his disease as false and crashed the car? Did he make the confession? And how did he survive, while Father Paul lost his life?


– Is Patrick gay? Those scenes between him and Nolan seemed to show a little spark.. plus his comment on the swans near the end further hinted to us that he may be so. Guess there might be a Nolan/Patrick hookup if he is.
– Nice seeing Jack start to see some good in Emily again (i guess his seeing some old Amanda there) and also actually see him happy while looking after Charlotte and hanging with newcomer Margaux.
– Knew the promo was a dream, but nice opening show-runners by tricking us into thinking Charlotte stabbed her father..
– Is it just me or is Daniel being more frustrating this season? And lastly, how funny was Nolan’s outfits last night?


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