Katy Perry PRISM (Deluxe Edition) Album Review: One Solid Long Song..

PRISM although fun, feels like a long song as a large portion of the tracks seem to blur into one..

Full Track by track review below.


1. Roar: The first single and the current no.1 hit globally. It’s fun, it’s simple and classic Perry fare but can get a bit tiresome after several listens as it follows the same pop formula. 3/5

2. Legendary Lovers: Catchy, pure pop song right here.. the chorus and hook will be stuck in your head for days.. Probably the next single after ‘Unconditionally’? 3.8/5 

3. Birthday: Sultry subtle dirty Perry is back again on this track (a bit similar to her previous dirty play on words in ‘Peacock’). It’s kind of catchy but falls flat as the song goes on.. 3/5

4. Walking On Air: On first listen I was unimpressed but as time has gone on i’ve grown to love it, before it seemed like a cheap attempt to bring back the 80’s vibe.. but then i caught onto the greatness of it.After all its always good to get a dose of the 80’s in our overpowering modern music. 4.5/5

5. Unconditionally: Probably the best song on the album, it’s Katy at here emotional best with the lyrics oozing vulnerability that will no doubt be the next ‘Firework’ anthem to those of all different kinds of love. 5/5

6. Dark Horse:  This is something different for Katy but is much welcomed as the album has alot of familiarities with other songs on the album, this is a refreshing urban side to her that we haven’t seen. Juicy J’s verses are also catchy on this track and again add something extra. 4/5

7. This Is How We Do: While this is a fun track, it sometimes sounds a little forced as Katy tries to shout-out to her fans, it seems a bit contrived and unlike Perry.. if that part was removed this would of been a much more succesful track. It’s also far to similar to Last Friday Night (TGIF). 3/5

8. International Smile: This is another track that quite forgettable, its not necessarily bad but it sounds like the rest of the album and becomes quite tiresome yet again.. 3/5

9. Ghost: I like this sound for Katy, it shines through that she feels more at home with this material instead of trying hard to be the basic ‘sex sells’ sort of pop star. It’s got the right balance of vocals, lyrics and feels much more natural. 4/5

10. Love Me: A bit light, a bit fluffy and a bit of a confident Perry. This is another kind of encouraging song to fans of not letting anyone change you and being loved for who you are.. its classic pop inspiring stuff, but since it’s already all over the radio making it feel kind of generic. 3/5

11. This Moment: I don’t know why but at certain points you again feel that it sounds the same as what we’ve just heard.. Also the constant repetition of the chorus can become quite a drag on this track. 2.7/5

12. Double Rainbow: One of the more serious tracks on the album again as it explore the emotional side of Perry again, except in a more pop-esc sort of vibe that remove the overpowering emotions that ‘Unconditionally” and “By The Grace Of God”contain. 4/5 

13. By The Grace Of God: Another flawless track for Katy here that shines through a more fragile Perry, someone more open to letting her fans in on her personal self as the lyrics deal with suicide and heartbreak. It’s probably one of the best tracks Katy has ever done.. 5/5


14. Spiritual: This is a good bonus track, but again follows the same pattern as the rest of the songs on the album.. 3/5

15. It Takes Two: I have no clue why this was a bonus track, it could of replaced some of the weaker tracks on the album as this is much more catchy and powerful Katy who talks about one-sided relationships. Something that can connect much more with audiences. 4/5

16. Choose Your Battles: Another track that could of worked well on the standard edition in hopes of providing more variety on the album.. It’s one of those power ballads that work for Katy. Uh well, at least we got to hear it.. 3.5/5

Overall Rating:


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