Arrow 2×01 “City Of Heroes” Premiere Recap: Oliver a changed man?

Arrow returns with massive impact last night, setting up the new tone of the series.

Below is a full recap of the season premiere:

1. Oliver is a changed man.. Yep you heard right, after Tommy’s death last season we saw the repercussions of it during the premiere as he decided to ditch his no-rules vendetta and give up his father’s facade for good until Felicity and Diggle brought him back down to earth along with Thea being kidnapped by another bunch of aspiring vigilantes (sorry there’s only room for one guys!).

He revealed his new plan, in that he will no longer be ‘The Hood” but rather a new improved version of his alter-ego who will go under the name of… well it wasn’t revealed but i guess we can assume Arrow or Green Arrow?

2. Felicity ups the anti.. We heard spoilers of Felicity becoming a kind-of bad-ass this season and the premiere revealed that very nature by her no longer held back admiring comments towards Oliver, she even put him in a corner during an argument? I’m liking this new Felicity, let’s hope we get more of her in the future.

3. Laurel let’s go of Oliver.. After Tommy’s death Laurel was rocked to the car and during the show’s return we saw just how hard it had affected her, she blames herself for getting it on again with Oliver and has thrown herself into her new District Attorney work, even making it a mission to hunt down The Hood!

4. Roy finds The Canary.. Roy continued to try and join team ‘Arrow’ ranks but struggled again usual while trying to protect Thea. In the closing scenes of the episode though we saw him fight off a bunch of attackers before running into a mysterious black cladded woman (who we know will be The Canary!). I wonder how this will play out, and just who could be under that leather suit?

Side-Notes.. Thea has finally found some independence and ended up forgiving her mother, Moira who is also now in Jail! On a final note, did anyone get the vibe that Slade was jealous over Oliver and Shado.. Maybe that will be the trigger that will push him to a potential dark future?

Overall a excellent return to Starling City, that promised a new refreshing side to Oliver and his alter-ego, plus a little taste-tester of the characters set to wreak havoc on the city!


Check out the promo for next week’s upcoming episode ‘Identity’.