Teen Wolf 3×12 “Lunar Eclipse” (Mid-Season Finale) Review!

That’s a wrap on the first-half of the season Wolfies! Season 3A went out with a bit of a bang, as the second-part to last week’s epic episode was kind of underwhelming.

Lets take a look at the episode as a whole below:

The Hales leave.. Derek and Cora packed up their bags and headed as far as possible from Beacon Hills after all the crazy happenings of the season. Well they also came back for a brief moment to rescue Lydia and bring down Deucalion. But after all that.. they left again, will they be back? We will have to wait for that answer (I’m sure Derek will be back though).

2 baddies die.. Yep that’s right we said goodbye to one of the most annoying villains this season.. the overgrown nailed Killi after being killed by the very woman she was supposed to kill Ms. Blake/Durack.

This eventually lead to Ms.Blake’s death after failing to kill Deucalion during the lunar eclipse and somehow giving him his vision back which then allowed for him to kill her after Scott’s revelation was revealed (we’ll get to that later). But somehow she survived that and was then killed by the new baddie (we’ll also get to that later too).

Scott goes super-sayan.. well Alpha-sayan (if you can say that) as Scott finally earned his title of the lone-Alpha without having to kill someone. Go Scott you loyal wolf, you! This should be an interesting when the show returns in January.

New love?.. Okay I took from that finale montage with Mikky Ekko’s catchy track ‘Kids’ that Allison and Isaac were a little to happy to be just friends and it looked as if Scott didn’t mind (as long as his got his best friend Stiles by his side). I guess Scott maybe getting a new love interest in season 3B.

Oh and Stydia didn’t happen (insert sad face*) as Lydia went back to her hunky twin lover.

McCall’s family back together?.. Scott came face-to-face with his dad and no it wasn’t sappy after a run-in with his friends at a desperate time turned sour. But during the closing scene we saw mama McCall give off a little smirk.. does she agree with her son’s cold shoulder or is she back with papa McCall?.

Old foe is a new foe again.. As we all suspected Peter Hale’s nice act was all indeed a sham as he revealed his diabolical plan right before killing Ms. Blake. We sort-of bought into the nice act for a while but his evil past was something we couldn’t quite forget. His entire plan was making Scott a wolf to later retrieve what is (as he thinks) rightfully his to be an Alpha again.

OVERALL: There was certainly a lot of interesting developments during the night that will play out nicely into season 3B but the episode was lacking a certain something. It felt quite rushed and forced, let’s just hope the latter half picks up more swiftly and in the direction we are hoping.

That’s it for the season, now we must wait till January. Will you stick around for Season 3B or not?
Overall Rating:

Watch the juicy promo for the show’s return in January below: