This Is The End (2013) Movie Review

High trip proves somewhat entertaining?

For a random idea thought up by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg this turned out to be one hell of a comedy!

The films’ story revolves a around a group of celebs playing a more over-the-top persona of themselves (from the likes of Rihanna to The Mindy Projects’ Mindy Kaling) who find themselves caught in the middle of the apocalypse aka. the end of the world during a party thrown by no other than James Franco (Spring Breakers, Oz: The Great & Powerful).

Along with a string of numerous deaths in the early opening scenes we are then taken on a wild ride with the main stars of the film who try their best to make it out alive.

Everything they do is pretty much the most over-the-top stuff you’d expect from them along with managing to drive Emma Watson to the point of insanity as they discuss of trying to not rape her (it sounds worse than it actually is).

It starts to go a little over-the-top by the end when demon forces are brought into the mix. (but then again this is a stoner comedy so anything is possible right?)

Religion and the after-death are strong topics brought into the mix of the film too which are dealt with quite confusingly as atheists may see the film as trying to throw religious propaganda down their throats while others may feel it offensive towards their religion. In all honesty I think the writers themselves have no clue what point they were trying to prove to the audience. Being so high instead allowed for them to throw in a bunch of things which just add to the entertainment of this crazy comedy.

I guess the real point of it all is to not be so self-righteous through the means of religion/money/careers/lifestyle etc. and accept/care for those around you.

VERDICT: Overall, this is not for those who are easily offended by all means but if you love being entertained by all things quirky and random as if your high on weed than this stoner comedy is just for you. It will certainly give you at least a few laughs.

Overall Rating:


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