Teen Wolf 3×09 “The Girl Who Knew Too Much” Review: Revelations Galore!

Can’t help myself guys, I just love reviewing TV shows and what better way to return with an epic episode of Teen Wolf!

Yes, despite me complaining about the first half of season 3 having no direction I was quickly turned around in the latter half of the season when the pieces started to fall in to place.

Last night’s episode was no exception with numerous revelations unravelling at once therefore allowing the plot to move forward as we head towards the mid-season break. Now lets strip back the episode character-by-character to take everything in.

Image Source: SpoilerTV

The Darach is revealed.. And it’s someone no one saw coming! (DO NOT READ ON if you have yet to watch the episode) It’s Derek’s new lover, the seemingly sweet Ms. Blake (What?!). Her motive was that such committed evil acts she’s been doing where done to her!

The bigger shock is if she could have done the deed with Derek to become impregnated!(That’s just my crazy theory). But could she actually be the young girl Paige from last week’s flashback episode aka Derek’s high-school crush (after all she did have a thing for playing violin?).

Lydia’s crazy antics finally make sense.. She’s a banshee (yes those crazy hairy howly things seen in those old supernatural type TV shows) who has a knack of notifying her fellow friends when someone is about to be killed. Certainly handy but a deadly skill at that.

New couple alerts.. Okay last night we were succumbed to a sure to be blossoming love triangle between Allison, Isaac and Scott but could Scott’s eventual jealousy lead him to hook-up with Lydia? We saw a hint of just that last night, Would you be up for some Scydia?.

Stiles dad learns the truth?.. Well Mr.Stilinksi found out the hard way after not believing Stiles revelations. I guess the elders of the show are now all in on the secret, that is if he manages to survive the Darach’s kidnapping.

Side-Notes: The twins are finally managing to become likeable with their new side of caring for loved ones. Lastly, could Stiles be adopted? (Ms.Blake’s closing statements of the night were hella confusing).

Overall Rating:
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