The Internship (2013) Movie Review

Who knew a film about trying to score an internship could be so fun?
 Well, it’s not a movie that requires a lot of brain power, but if you just want a bit of fun at the movies this is for you. Maybe you could use it as a cool-off after watching the widely labelled ‘too-serious’ Man Of Steel.
The Internship revolves around two sales guys who become redundant due to the rise of modern technology.. sound familiar? Thought so, a common problem among the previous generation’s hard working employees.
Vince Vaughn’s character Billy McMahon then manages to score an interview for an internship with Google, which could possibly lead to a job In the future (something I myself have done with Yahoo coincidently). From there, the movie divulges into a game of Noogle (Yes a term coined by newbies at Google) Hunger Games with co-partner Nick Campbell (Owen Wilson).
The movie works best when it shows it’s heart to the audience, in that the whole message of the movie is that each generation only survives by the coming together as one. It also manages to subtly place a comment on the current generation of wide social research on youngsters suffering from a lack of social ability caused by the explosion of social networking.
Also I must mention a thank you too the end credits creator, it’s refreshing and is visually pleasing.. Movies need to be more creative like that in the future.
The film falls flat though, on it’s over-representation of characters (come on no-one in Australia is that aussie as Bridesmaid’s Rose Byrne’s character) and the humour being largely already seen during TV spots and trailers.
Overall, a movie that deals with today’s social issues but provides no depth whatsoever and instead offers you a mindless and a kind-of funny film.
Overall Rating: