Liars All (2013) Film Review

Whodunit films get a refreshing take?


If you are missing some of the old 90210 cast, this is a movie you may want to watch as Matt Lanter (aka Liam) and Gillian Zinser (aka Ivy) feature as one of the main cast members.

As for the film itself, it’s not too bad but suffers from cheesy film techniques that draw away from the film’s main plot with non-stop backing tracks used repetitively throughout the film and a style of editing that may put viewers off.

Story-wise, it’s nothing new with the plot device being a sort-of extreme game of truth or dare. Although it seems corny, it offers some new elements to the table with mentally unstable Gillian Zinser being all psychotic and just darn right crazy. I also applaud the director on nicely diverting the audiences assumptions about who killed her, I really thought it would end up predictable but by the end was merely surprised with the outcome as viewers are instead left wondering yet again if the truth will ever be told among these conniving little liars.

The film’s main focus though is on human psychology, in that human’s are always lying to save themselves. Sara Paxton’s character makes this largely clear when talking to the pregnant private investigator (yes a pregnant investigator) about her tough struggle of maintaining her innocent college girl image and giving into temptation.

The directors cast choice is also refreshing with a blend of Aussies, Canadians, British and American actors appearing together. Also if your an Aussie Neighbours fan you will be surprised to see old favourite Stephanie McIntosh make an appearance.. (she also features a new track in the film too).

Overall, if you love Pretty Little Liars and want a feature length size of juicy individuals lying there way out of life this is just for you!

Overall Rating:


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