The Vampire Diaries 4×23 “Graduation” Season Finale Review!

Season 4 went out on a high-note last night after being one mixed bag of a season this time around.
The season finale had some really great moments and one big really scratch-your-head moment.
Below is what went down in the confusing season finale:

Source: CW

Damon gets the girl.. Yes no games this time, and no silly sire bonds too. Elena is in a normal state of mind again and has chosen bad boy Damon as her lover (well at least for now). I for one enjoy these two together and hope it stays this way next season. The triangle stuff has become tiresome. 
But the question now is how will the two still have that chemistry we love.. now that their real-life counterparts have split (Anyone recall how The OC’s Rachel and Adam’s real life split affected Summer and Seth?)
Mabekah is now on?.. Since Rebekah has began to show her nice side since prom, Matt is digging her more and more now! (And who wouldn’t). She saved him yet again from being blown up by Bek’s ancient lover, and then in the end Matt admitted he had been stuck at The Grill for far too long (we here ya) and invited her to hit the road with him (Ooh la la). Lets hope this trip proves romantic and not end up a disaster.
And the cure goes to.. Katherine. All that build up to be given to her? Don’t get me wrong it will be interesting to see a different side of vixen Katherine but i though it would of went to one of the Salvatore brothers. Either way both are interesting, wonder if Mrs. Katerina will be a nice or bitchy human? What do use think, good Kat or bad Kat?
Jeremy is back, but his girl is a goner.. Well for now, i really don’t think that’s the last we saw of Kat Graham (Bonnie).. It was kinda emotional but not enough to warrant a typical TVD goodbye. It’s nice that Jeremy is back but he already feels he has done what we he needs to. And how can we lose Bonnie? Those little subtle goodbyes she made were gut-wrenching..
I know there are some fans out there that dislike the little witch but i really enjoy her on the show. She has some good chemistry with her friends despite her rage issues. For Elena this is bittersweet though, she got her brother back and lost a best friend. 
What do you think, will Bonnie be back?

Stefan is a doppelganger? Now this was one hella-confusing way to close out the season.. It was so random and went by so quick that i needed to read myself what happened. Okay so apparently Silas is the real Stefan, and Stefan is his dopple-ganger? (well that’s how i read it anyway). Now we all know just why Stefan has such a dark past as a ripper.. his got a bit of the image he was created in.
Well now his locked up in a locker down the famous bridge lake and could possibly be there for a while. It looks like Silas will now play-off as Stefan among his loved ones (Smallville anyone? Remember Braniac becoming Clark Kent?) Or is Silas (being the mind manipulator he is) tricking Stefan into thinking so?
Side-Notes: Klaroline got a glint of hope but.. only for the spin-off series The Originals.. Once TVD ends Caroline might just end up in New Orleans miraculously after leaving Tyler. Okay, crazy theory over now. Also Ouch! those grad caps are much sharper than they look and finally I say again, is there anyway we can keep Lexi and Alaric?
Overall, a good season finale that set-up just where the show might be heading by adding more questions and little answers for the future. It gave fans a little what they wanted, hope for giving them what they desire in the future before leaving them in a confusing haze until the show returns in September or October.
Overall Rating: