How I Met Your Mother 8×22 “The Bro Mitzvah” Recap : Alot About Nothing

Now that was one big bachelor party letdown. It wasn’t completely bad though but managed to rehash a lot of what we already know.

Below is a recap of the major highlights of the night:

Source: CBS

Barney & Robin = perfect match.. This week proved to be yet another re-statement on just how perfect these two are for each other thanks to Robin’s elaborate dose of giving Barney his own medicine for once, as she twisted his planned bachelor party around by making it the worst bachelor party ever! I guess we can expect Robin’s own playbook in the near future.
The plan in motion though was kinda unfunny though until it reached its climax. The clown, the wrong karate kid and the ex-stripper just seemed a tad over the top. Once Robin faked her punch on with Quinn things started to turn around but it was a little to late.

Lily and Marshall’s shenanigans.. I usually enjoy these two when it comes to their crazy shenanigans but last night offered the same old formula. Lily flirts with the random while Marshal insists on doing the most crazy (like chopping of his hand). Not saying it wasn’t funny though as i still got some laughs out of it.
But after the grand scheme of things was revealed i managed to enjoy what they did a bit more.

Ted takes a backseat.. Ted had a minor role in the bachelor party, taking a step-back from his recently re-appeared feelings for Robin and again moved away from the mother mystery. He seemed to just tag along with the plan and just enjoy the night, after-all it’s not everyday that you beat Barney at his own game.
Now that the bachelor party is done and dusted lets finally get to the highly anticipated wedding day! Were now just around the corner with only two weeks left of the season to get there.

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