90210 Series Finale Review “We All Fall Down”: Undisclosed Closure

Despite the late cancellation 90210 managed to conjure at the most some closure for fans.

Sometimes open-endedness is a good thing.. allowing fans to make up their own endings and this series finale sits among those ones.

Below is a full run-down of the finale 90210 ever!

Source: CW

Navianna end-game couple.. Yes the series finale proved just how much chemistry the two have always had. I enjoyed Addixon too, but Navianna has always been end-game. Their characters picked up right from last week’s ‘Scandal Royale’ where the roof con-caved whilst Adrianna sang her heart-out.

Navid then became Hercules for a bit to rescue the love of his life. Their scenes under the rubble were touching and really brought home the fact that these characters are moving forward with their lives. I also thought it was cute and funny when Adrianna desperately and numerously called for Navid.. it again proved how strong there attachment is.

Lannie rekindle their spark in the final minutes.. After countless episodes/seasons of the two not being together they decided to re-ignite the spark and get married in the final scenes of the show. It had finally come full-circle after Liam proposed way back in the beginning of season 4.. and in pure Terminator style Liam showed up whilst Annie was leaving for Paris and stopped the plane from taking off after reading the ending of her erotic novella.

Cheesy i know.. but sort of fitting as the characters all got one final moment to get excited over their two best friends getting married. Are you happy with Lannie? Or are you Liaomi all the way?

Naomi gets a happy ending?.. well sort of. It was fun seeing her throw one last party (something she’s done over the course of the show) and prove just what a kind spirit she is by giving up materialism to help aid the rescue and give off her whopping balance she scored over saving the Japanese prince last week to charity! Oh Naomi, your a walking example of a bitch with a pure soul.

In the end she jetted of to New York with Jordan after his monster of a mother apologized and allowed the two to be together. But Maxiomi felt much more endgame for me, but she’s headed for New York and who knows what that could bring.. maybe she can bump into him somehow. Naomi goes to the Big Apple spin-off anyone?

Silver takes the bad-side of the cake.. but there is hope as Dixon is right there to support her on the traumatic journey she is about to embark on. His words were not only comforting for Silver, it was also comforting for viewers whoever face such tough circumstances in life (which we all do) in that when the going gets tough we march on even stronger! That scene was suprisingly gripping and made me a little teary.

Poor Silver though, after such a rough season she ended up even worse with cancer and no baby in arms, but the silver-lining of it all is that she could end up adopting a child and living happily ever-after with Dixon.. Come on that jump at the end is screaming re-union in the near future guys! Also who else cracked up when Dixon got all jolly over his sister’s proposal? And wonder if Dixon achieves his dream career?.. I really hope so.

Uh well, guess it all comes down to you guys now in judging where you want the characters to go. It’s always nice to have a flash-forward though despite it’s cheesiness as it gives a greater picture to fans. But the way it ended was much more grounded in reality, after-all we can’t skip and see our own futures right?

Final side-notes.. I loved that the show closed out with a OneRepublic track (‘I Lived’ if you want find it) it made it into a feel-good moment. Also how good was the show’s retrospective and finally, who knew Prince Jackson was a surprisingly good actor?

That’s all folks, 90210 is all over! Thanks to the cast and crew for giving us so much fun on television these past five years and thank you readers for coming here every week and enjoying my reviews. I certainly had a blast, and to honor all of use and the show I made this little goodbye tribute for it.. check it out below.

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