90210 had all sorts of drama going on last night, mainly revolving around last week’s revelations and around a prison cell.

Below is a look at the top moments of the night:

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Everybody Hates Silver.. Yes most of her friends have turned against her after constantly putting herself before others. Ade got the hate-ball rolling by making not only Michaela turn against her but Silver’s ancient flame Dixon! also ex-flame Navid too (but we’ll get to that later). Can’t say i blame them though, Silver has been really selfish this season. I felt sorry for her after the Teddy baby drama but last night was the final blow as she reached a point of no return. Still kind of feel sorry for her though, all this baby drama and cancer stuff has made her character undergo some major stress.

Due to all the selfishness though, Michaela has packed up her gear and moved back to DC. Also apparently she’s losing Mark too? But of coarse we all know it’s just around the corner before Dixon forgives her and rekindles there old spark.

Navianna is truly back.. Okay the two finally admitted that last week’s hookup was not so random after-all. It was done in a quite funny way as Ade showed up at Silver’s place to apologize over leaking Michaela’s smoking demo. Conveniently Navid was at Silver’s house and all his bubbled up anger towards her burst out over not caring about her anymore and doing the dirty in her bed! Nice going Navid and Ade.

But it wasn’t met without consequence as Michaela, who still harbors feelings for Navid showed up after already having one hell of a day spotting the two in bed together adding to her reasons to leave the zip.

Naomi loses two people all in one day… This episode was quite a bad one for Naomi emotionally speaking. She failed at protecting her brother’s custody of his children (wow, Mark a bit late on the child info) which was later resolved thanks to new lover Jordan who made a deal with the devil in doing so (ahem his mother).

Despite the happy news Mark decided to leave the state to keep close to his kids now that his regained custody. But it wasn’t just Mark joining Michaela on her exit, she also lost Jordan on the way thanks to him helping Naomi get Mark out of jail. Poor Jordan and Naomi, that was one selfless move Jordan.

Also is anyone missing Max? Sorry but Maxiomi is endgame for me.

Lannie reaches another hurdle.. Can these two already have some smooth sailing! 90210 writers have been quite smart when it comes to these two by playing on the major fans who ship the two by constantly playing on there feels and emotions via the constant random lovers they are thrown.. aka Patrick, Vanessa, etc.

Last night was no exception with previous random hook-up girl Sydney coming back into the picture, this time offering Liam to join her in Australia (nice play on names there.. *cough* Sydney, Australia *cough*) in which Liam accepted after finally dealing with his problems, but is he really? Or is he just getting revenge on Annie over her book? (he says he forgives her, but is it just a subtle way to make her jealous?).

Please, now that we have two episode left.. get rid of her ASAP and get things going with Lannie as we all by now know that the two are endgame.

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