Last night fans of Klaus and ‘The Originals’ were transported into Originals heaven with some new characters thrown into the mix along the way.

Below is a look at the much welcomed spiced up Vampire Diaries episode.

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Klaus has a heir?.. In a random turn of events, we were thrown a Twilight-like plot-twist.. Hayley is pregnant with Klaus’s child? Turns out Klaus can actually pro-create thanks to his wolf DNA, and remember that little one-night stand with Hayley, guess it was not so worthless after-all.
Klaus of coarse was on his high horse telling Elijah he didn’t want the child by demanding to kill it and its mother.
But by episodes end he opened up his more vulnerable side again admitting that he wants company (and yes it was Caroline that he wanted). He also decided that he wants his kid to make him heir. Oh oh! what things will this unborn child be capable of? Will he be Klaus 2.0?
Marcel rules Orleans.. At first he was introduced as some cool karaoke singer before slipping into a more sinister persona when confronting Klaus which than turned into a friendly re-union. 
Not all was well in paradise though once Klaus discovered more of just what he had been up to in his home-town. Apparently Marcel got a little to cocky when Klaus rescued him from a tormented childhood back in the day and decided to rule the town by hunting down witches, and designing rules that the residents must abide to. Klaus rejected all claims by nearly killing one of his members.
Eventually Klaus reconciled with him again by giving Marcel’s friend his life back and by letting him continue his rule over New Orleans. The question now remains though, is just how long before Klaus decides to reclaim what is his? I guess we will just have to wait till the spin-off kicks off, which just received the green light to go ahead!
Back in Mystic Falls.. For once it was a relief that the focus shifted away from all the Mystic Falls drama and away from the Elena, Damon and Stefan paradigm. Elena is still being locked up in an attempt to get her humanity back. By episodes end we saw her fight back though by giving an ultimatum that either her or the Salvatore brothers will lose and that’s pretty much it for this week as they only had a few minutes of screen-time.

Rebekah, Elijah and Katherine talk it out.. On the other-side of Mystic Falls there was still some drama going on with these three with Elijah trying to convince Rebekah that Klaus still needs their help inviting her to join them in New Orleans in which she refused to abide after they denied her one true wish of being human. 
Katherine was for once sitting on the same fence as Rebekah as she told Elijah to let his brother go and focus on her after she spent decades on the run from him. But faithful Elijah turned down her offer. For once I actually felt sorry for Mrs Katerina (speaks in Elijah’s accent).
Vampire Diaries 2.0?.. Is anyone sensing a strong Vampire Diaries connection to the planned spin-off series? Is the Klaus and Marcel drama a reinvigorated Damon and Stefan 2.0? Is Sophie a Bonnie in disguise? And is Camille simply Caroline reborn in a new human body?
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Next week we return to Mystic Falls for an intense game of restoring Elena’s humanity, check out the promo below: