Revenge Season 2 Episode 18 “Masquerade” Review/Recap

Revenge continued to strengthen last night, with a entertainingly kicking Masquerade event!

Below were the top 5 highlights of the juicy episode below:

Source: ABC

1. Victoria’s Secret.. Baby? After last week’s revelation we were thrown six-weeks ahead were Emily continued to black-mail her over her new found-secret via Mason. Those black roses would make anyone scared, but who doesn’t love some good old fashion fighting between Victoria and Emily. Conrad on the other hand though, has bought into Victoria’s cover-up that the kid was aborted? For a minute there, i bought into it too (Well done Madeleine Stowe).

But Emily is right on her tail and is bound to continue using it to her advantage by going to the very nun that helped Victoria.. the question is though is if she really is pregnant? (I really don’t think so though)

2. Nolan’s damaged.. What a shocker! I really thought Padma would make it out, but it turns out 6 weeks later that she’s dead. But is she really? I know Aiden said she’s gone but could she had been unconscious for some elaborate scheme (after all this is Revenge where talking about guys). But all my wacky theories aside, Nolan has really been shook to the core, where will he go from here? Will he have more motivation in bringing down the Falcon or throw the investigation altogether? Or will he divert his anger towards the Graysons?

3. Aiden’s Jealousy.. I’m really starting to feel some jealousy boiling up in Aiden towards Emily and Daniel due to Emily’s continuous protection of him , leading me to think just how dangerous the water is for Emz. Could he divulge all her secrets due to his jealousy? And could he kill Daniel over it, after seeing what his capable of after bringing down Trask he better watch out!

4. Jack & Ashley? Jack continued his own path of revenge by infiltrating Conrad’s election campaign. Pretty smart to turn to Nolan for help to play on his secrets as he is king of all things Graysons thanks to Emily. Conrad was furious with the way things turned out and threatened Ashley’s managing career, in which Jack luckily caught leading him to make his move on her to join him on the path to bring him down.. and yes she agreed! We may finally grow to like the mischievous little vixen after-all, oh and is anyone else sensing a hook-up coming between the two in the future? Or is it just me again?

5. Daniel catches his mum.. Victoria’s failed attempts at protecting her children were caught out again, and of course it was Daniel (whilst Charlotte was busy throwing a punch) who did so. Doesn’t she know when to stop butting into her kids lives already? She’s already killed for him this season, she seriously needs to rethink the ways she expresses her love towards her kids. Daniel now feels safe now though with Emily, after discovering that it was his mum who was falsely threatening him. The question now lies with Emily, is she actually and honestly into him or not?

Overall Rating:

Yes, after that tantalizing ending the show is now on hiatus yet again until April 28th.