90210 Season 5 Episode 18 “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Call Girl” Review/Recap

And.. we’re back for the final 5. For some reason it actually felt as if they were prepared for it with even further nods to the past, including Ade’s crazy past and Silver’s reliance to grow up. We also actually got a old couple back too tonight.
Below is a run-down of what went down.
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Annie’s Book Drama.. Annie’s anonymity came to a crashing halt last night as Silver picked up on just who wrote it after reading about her sexual hooker escapades. Its all courtesy of Naomi though who was the event planner of the book’s anonymity event (Yes GG Masquerading style). 
In the end Liam also discovered out her secret and was furious. But I’m quite glad she decided to stop hiding and ‘come out of the closet’ in revealing that she wrote Undressed. But alas, once your on the path to success you are bound to dig up some unwanted pasts .. ahem Patrick.

Naomi all shook up.. for a new guy! Turns out the guy we met last episode actually has a thing for her, and her a fling for him. Jordan (One Tree Hill Alumni) , a business partner of hers ended up landing her the anonymous book gig which led to Annie’s identity co-fuddle. At first Naomi gave of a bad impression by thinking his sister (True Jackson’s KeKe Palmer) was the anonymous writer, labelling her a whore whilst at it. It was hilarious once Annie revealed that it was her. 
In the end though Jordan understood, and it now looks like a new romance will be blossoming. But will this at last be Naomi’s true love? 

Ade goes cookie crazy.. Who doesn’t like a bit of good ol’ crazy Ade. This time though it was a bit much, as she lost her self over a silly pact. Is it really that as bad as to Silver sleeping with a close friend and your true love Navid ?.
The good thing that came of this incident though, was Ade’s self-realization. All her unresolved feelings towards herself and Silver bubbled up to the surface allowing her to stop herself in her tracks. Good job Ade! Nice to know just how far she’s come. Hurray for Navianna again too, I actually enjoy these two together.
 Also what was in those cookies, were they just cookies or another hazardous life threat? Crazy either way.

Silver continues to resist change.. but is it really that bad to break a dating pact? I really think Ade over-reacted here a bit, it’s her life not Ade’s and what right does she have to control hers. Although, I kinda do see a point from Ade’s side since Silver’s dated almost every guy on the show. But will Mark be the one she actually stands by? Time will tell (sorry, it wont last as we all know she’s bound to end up with Dixon by the series finale).
Liam and Navid’s college escapades.. What have they gotten themselves into with all this Cronis stuff. Once it seemed they had the little conniving Campbell (all thanks to a clever plan by Liam) he managed to turn it on their heads. For Navid, he threatened to bring him down over him spilling his test cheating secrets whilst Liam learned that his new fling was a liar and a gold digger (Ouch!) courtesy of Campbell of-coarse.
Side-Notes: Poor Dixon on getting mixed signals from Michaela who still digs Navid.. Sorry I think Shirazi is off the market now though. Also, Mark is turning out to be a great addition to the show despite it now having 4 episodes left!
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The countdown to the series finale continues guys, only 4 weeks left!
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