The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 18 “American Gothic” Review/Recap

The Vampire Diaries is finally back on tracks, as the cure is finally in sight after endless stories continuing to delay the so-called momentous moment. Classic favorites finally returned, and we were treated to a little-joy ride.

Below were the top 5 highlights of the night:
Source: CW
1. Katherine has a heart? Who knew she could be a match for Elijah, the question is though wether or not it’s yet another ploy? But for the first time in a long time, i actually believe her this time once she handed the cure over to Elijah to lead the way. Also all our dreams came true to finally see Elena 2.0 confront her, and yes it was everything we wanted!

2. Klaus at his most vulnerable..  Finally we saw a new side of Klaus, and no longer could he keep up his macho act as Silas manipulated his mind into thinking he was in excruciating pain. It was quite nice seeing him on the opposite side of the stick this time as Silas morphed  his loved ones into hurting him. 
And of coarse, Caroline came to the rescue by making a deal to stop hunting Tyler which then went out the window after her presence broke the mental manipulation placed by Silas due to his strong attraction to her.
Just hurry up and hook up already! Can it get anymore obvious when he told her that he wasn’t on a man-hunt after Tyler.

3. Stefan and Damon Unite! Classic brotherly time returned last night after holding grudges against each other for most of this season after they teamed up to track down Elena, Rebekah and Katherine on there hunt for the cure. It’s good to see that the two still can care for each other and deal with there Elena struggles together. Damon finally saw the side Stefan was coming from after switching of her humanity. Damon continued to struggle to come to deals with her being a vampire, and Stefan continued to want her to be human. 
4. Rebekah took the cure.. well not exactly. I thought the moment had come, but it was way too fast which made it kinda obvious that it was fake after Rebekah woke and was still a vampire! Now that Elijah has the proper cure thanks to Katherine, will he give it to her or share it with Elena? By bets are on Elijah though bringing around Elena to take it.
5. Elena goes even further off the rails.. Wow! Did not see that coming from Elena when she used her usual manners before killing the poor diner waiter. She really has turned off her old self and is showing no sign of wanting to go back, well maybe just a little as she still managed to bring out the good in Elijah and throw back the words he gave her. So i guess she’s still down there somewhere right? Do you think the Salvatore’s will succeed and get her to want the cure? After all why would she want to live forever after losing her entire family.
Overall, an excellent installment of The Vampire Diaries that managed to redeem its slowly declining quality throughout this season. It proved just how good this show can be, and put fans on the direct path to the end with no more annoying cure-hunt drama.

Overall Rating:

VD returns in another 2wks, and it looks to be a juicy prom episode. Check the promo out below: