The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 16 “Bring It On” Review/Recap

The Vampire Diaries returned from it’s 2 week hiatus, and boy was it a fun one!

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Here were the top 5 highlights of the night:
1. Elena Turns It Off.. and also takes it off (those random nude walk-ins were hilarious). I admit it was quite fun to see her wild side, without any humanity left.. she really went all out and took on the role when she tried to kill Caroline (i missed there fights). I actually think Caroline deserved being yelled out for being far to nosy in other people’s lives. She also was on a killing spree feeding on any human she saw.. it was nice to see Elena being more bad-ass then Damon this time around as he tried to make her stop via the sire bond.. in which was no-use as it was revealed that once her humanity is off.. she cant be controlled!

2. Hayley & Klaus? (Kayley).. This was really random, were has Hayley been? and Klaus all of a sudden wants to protect her? But besides all it was nice to finally see Klaus open up to someone and have some other person to bond with. It turns out they both share similar child-hood experiences making them have a strange connection. But will this little fling last? And I look forward to learning more about Hayley’s family pack after Klaus discovered an odd tattoo on her back.

3. Who Is Will? At first i thought the guy was Kol, and somehow survived but turned out to be someone we have never met. Judging my Damon’s talk about turning against best friends to Elena, i suspect they were once best-friends back in the day. Let’s hope this leads somewhere interesting.

4. Stefan & Caroline? Is it just me or are these two spending way to much together.. i’m really starting to wonder whether Elena’s rambling about them being together will turn into a hook-up sometime soon. I’m not complaining though.. anyone other than Elena is fine.

5. And Were Off To The Big Apple.. I guess Damon gave into temptation by allowing Elena to further explore her wild side in New York.. that is the underground world of NY. Good for us though, since we’ll get to even more fun/wild Elena screen-time.

Side-Notes.. Rebekah still wants the cure? Maybe not now after Damon’s discouraging words. And finally, Tyler is really gone leaving Matt with his huge mansion.

Overall, a really entertaining and fun episode of The Vampire Diaries after the previous more somber episodes. It further enhanced Elena’s dark path after turning off her humanity, and set up the rest of the season to come.

Overall Rating:


What did you think of the Vampire Elena 2.0? And do you dig Kayley?

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