Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 24 : Season Finale Review/Recap

Pretty Little Liars delivered us the most underwhelming season finale to date last night. But what saved it from being an utter mess was it’s classic use of confusing fans even more rather than giving away any answers ,making us anticipate it’s return this coming June!
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Here’s the top 5 developments that had us scratching our heads during “A dAngerous gAme”:
1. The big red coat finally revealed!!.. or was it? Is Ali really alive, was it a hallucination? Or is it her twin? This was such a big tease, and was left kinda underwhelmed! It was marketed to being the big reveal, yet it managed to just confuse us even further. I really hope it’s either Ali or her twin, as things will become a whole lot more interesting next season. Judging by the metaphorical ending of the redcoat girl supposedly bringing Alison back from the grave.
2. What’s In The Trunk? Yet another mystery is thrown into the mix, so the inevitable has happened with Wilden’s car resurfacing from murky waters of Rosewood. And something shocking has been left in the trunk? And in pure PLL style, it will most probably be yet another dead body. But who? I’m thinking it’s Paige for some reason. 

3. Lesbehonest Jenna! PLL has probably turned into the most lesbian teen drama on TV right now (well there is Glee too, not sure if there’s others out there too). Okay so Jenna is back and dating Paige’s ex-Shana and are planning something against “those bitches” but who are they? Are they the new A-team? Are they targeting the girls? Or are they involved with something utterly different?

4. Toby is alive.. and no-one’s surprised, it was just to obvious! Of coarse his alive, it was far to random for him to be gone that quickly. And was it just me or was there reunion cringe-worthily cheesy? Especially the use of Lana Del Rey’s “Ride” being used at a cheap hotel. Oh Spencer, why would you even go all the way with Toby again as she was already suspicious of his motives. I guess she still really is mentally unstable. I liked that she got on the inside and helped her friends, but that was a sort of hasty move with Toby. Do you really think his good now though? If so, who knocked him out while the girls were in peril.

5.  FIVE Pretty Little Liars? Mona apparently doesn’t even know who’s pulling the strings, as the red-coat figure was wearing a mask? Okay that’s a bit overboard but it’s acceptable. The liars ruined her master plan to finally figure out who she is, but rightly so as it has brought her closer to the girls in the true A mysteries. But can she be trusted? Did she really see Ali? Or is it all a ploy to break into the girl’s circle? It will be nice to have her on the girl’s side now and see her on the opposite side of the spectrum. 

Side-Notes: Ezria is over! Hooray (Sorry Ezria lovers, there just to boring!). And what about Melissa? I still think she’s got something evil up her sleeve. Lastly, if the red coat girl is so evil why did she rescue the girls? 
So many questions, so little answers. Come on PLL, you really need to step up your game next season!
See you in June everyone.

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