Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 22 “Will The Circle Be Unbroken?” Review/Recap

Yet another average episode of Pretty Little Liars, its was not completely boring though as it didn’t focus heavily on relationships.. it just had little answers to offer fans once again.
The top 4 highlights of the night are listed to below.

Source: ABC

1. Spencer goes artistically crazy.. Now we can add piano player to her skills list.. which continue grow from French-spelling whiz.. is there anything this girl can’t do. Well putting aside her being a piano freak tonight.. did we see a alliance with Mona? She came to her and said she’s just as sane as she is? oh and she also divulged that Ali wasn’t really pregnant due to her vast collection of Ali diaries.

But who is this new Spence? she said she cant be trusted anymore to her false visions of her friends? Did she make a deal with Mona? And can her new helper Eddie be trusted?

2. Wilden is back.. Those fake Toby-body rumors can now be put to rest, his back and wants his car back (See Hanna, what a stupid decision it was to sink it)? and if not, he will destroy Ashley. Wonder what valuable material he had in their.. could he still be part of the A team?

3. Aria continues to dig her grave.. Seriously? Doesn’t she learn.. Ever? Why would you lie to bring back Ezra.. you already covered up before and look where that got you. It just seems really contrived and silly to rehash this forbidden school love thing again. Despite this, it was nice to see her dad make amends with Ezra. But please do not give Ezra the job! I don’t want to be subjected to more of that hidden romance.. it agonizing.. sorry.

4. Emily is a bore.. What was that random famous-swimmer plot.. it had nothing important to say about the ongoing mysteries.. maybe it was a setup for that Page crusher to break up Emily and her? Or maybe it was to inspire Emily to follow her swimming dreams. Well whatever it was.. it wasn’t really interesting.

Overall, this episode goes in the pile of other average episodes we got this season. It just continued to rehash  plots and did not move or advance the plot any further. Normally i don’t mind these occasionally.. but it’s been far too long since we actually got some real-answer heavy episodes.

Overall Rating:


Next week looks much more huge! Answers just might finally be spilled.. check out the promo below: