How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Episode 19 “The Fortress” Review!

After numerous episode changes, we were given “The Fortress” more earlier than expected and it was yet another hilarious outing with the gang.
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Below were the top 4 highlights of the night:
1. Barney becomes Jor-El.. well not literally but i thought the superman references of his apartment being the fortress of solitude or as he puts it if Ted owned the place ‘Tedistude” was one of the most funniest moments of the night, particularly were Robin used it to kick out the stuck-up new buyers.
2. Robin continues to accept Barney for who he is.. We all know the struggles Robin has faced to accept Barney, but i really hope this chapter is now closed after coming-close to potentially selling Barney’s apartment. But after hearing the buyers numerous bashing’s of Barney, she came to realized just how much his quirks make him who he is. It was also nice to see her actually use his little inventions by escaping having to watch a not so subtle Downton Abbey spoof.

3. Tarshall.. Who knew Marshall and Ted could make a great couple, it was quite the hoot seeing them impersonate the actors of there favorite show after Lily failed to be there for Marshall. Ted also scored a random hook-up from pretending to be a gay dad, so i guess it’s a win-win for both of them

4. Lily gets into muddy territory.. The Captain is really pressuring Lily, i see her moving to better things soon as she’s struggling to meet demands with Marshall, Marvin and watching her favorite TV drama. 

Overall Rating:
Check out the promo for next week’s trippy future episode below:

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