90210 Season 5 Episode 16 “Life’s A Beach” Review/Recap

Despite the big cancellation news, we still have 6 more episodes to go and with this bittersweet news we were delivered some old school 90210-drama last night.
Here were the major highlights of the night:

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Sixon Back On? Well not officially just yet.. the two showed some really good comprising skills last night, from Dixon’s understanding towards her baby drama, and from her helping him out with his struggling music career. I must admit it’s really nice seeing them together again.. It really feels like we’ve come full circle so to speak.. I like Addixon too but Sixon is pure classic season 1 stuff.
In the end both seemed to vacant each other from there miseries… the baby’s on its way (finally) and Dixon’s music career is back on track thanks to Silver’s elaborate flash-mob music video ( how fun was seeing the gang in on the action during the take?).
 Naomi and Annie’s Sibling Rivalry.. Last week I wished these two didn’t go back to fighting, but after seeing it actually happen again, I was taken back to there feuds back in the early seasons and I loved it. It really demonstrated how much the character have grown after there little hissy fit, there actually more self-aware about themselves (Annie knows she controlling and Naomi knows she can be a bitch). Poor Ade getting caught in the thick of the drama, due to it being driven over there half brother deciding to leave for New York.

In the end though, things were consolidated between the two and Mark ended up deciding to stay with his sometimes-hard to deal with siblings.

Navid scores, Wait no he doesn’t.. He really tried his best to get a flashy new job by helping market Liam’s new surfing company. But the flash mob really did the trick despite it having nothing to do with him. I was cheering when he finally brought the snobby Campbell down (Navid’s line “dumbass” pretty much summed him up)

But turns out he actually had the upper-hand in it all.. planning to pin there cheating mess-up on Navid.. and oh did we mention that his the step-son of Liam’s new hook up (oh oh!)
Navid is really continuing to be a whole lot more interesting this season (yes, its the last one but its better late than ever right?)

Sidenotes: Flirty sexy Ade anyone? That came out of nowhere but it was hilarious to see her get all hot for Mark. LIAM stop sleeping with every girl you meet, Annie and Navid warned you of your last fling. Also, does anyone else sense that endgame couples are slowly returning.. Lannie, Sixon, Navianna.. still not sure about Naomi though..

Overall, a classic drama-driven episode of 90210 that managed to channel its golden days by giving us a little-olden day nods and a wholelotta fun. I’m definitely going to miss this zip once it leaves our screens.

Overall Rating:


Next week’s looks like another enticingly fun episode, check out the promo below:



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