The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 15 “Stand By Me” Review

This week’s episode was one emotional roller-coaster of a ride… from Elena’s heartbreaking grieving scenes to Matt breaking down in his car. It certainly was again, one of those more tear-jerker episodes of the show.

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Elena struggles to accept another Gilbert’s demise.. We first saw Elena return back to the Gilbert’s house with Stefan carrying Jeremy’s body in hand. First Elena, held on to the hope of him re-awakening (despite her knowing he is a supernatural creature) while the other knew he was gone and started to smell his body decompose (quite disturbing that Elena was immune to it until she realized it). Caroline then rang Meredith (long time no see!) to check on the body, who requested to remove the body before Elena went all bat-crazy and attacked her.

After Bonnie’s return, it became all too clear as April broke the silence.. Elena exclaimed that “Jeremy can’t come to the phone.. his dead”. It was quite awkward in the way she said it.. it was too casual (wonder what April was thinking on the other-side). But it wasn’t so casual after-all as Elena broke down in front of all her friends over everyone she has lost. She now has NO family whatsoever.. I guess she now knows how Harry felt once Sirius died.. (Sorry had to include that one). I applaud Nina for these scenes, she really nails them. I even shed a tear thanks to her. Now ola Damon, her humanity it all gone.. will she turn into a female Damon now? I look forward to seeing this new path. 

Bonnie is being brainwashed!.. by Shane or could it be Silas? As Rebekah discovered another Shane washed up on the island.. Why is she still there though, isn’t it time to go home now Bek? Katherine has the cure now. Back to Bonnie though, she’s in a state of vulnerability due to her ignoring deceased Jeremy, not to fall for the loved one visions. She now is being controlled to sacrifice another 12 people to complete the triangle, and remove the veil to the other-side. Oh my!.

I think this plan will actually go through, allowing us to see those supernaturals that have passed before being reversed due to the havoc they will unleash.. Where do you see this story going? And is the Shane convincing Bonnie, Silas or a vision conjured up by him?
I’m actually enjoying Bonnie’s story-line right now, and hope it goes somewhere enticing.

Salvatore’s Reunite? This was yet another highlight last night, as we got some long-awaited brotherly bonding (short supply this season) as Stefan and Damon comforted each other over Elena’s unbearable state. Stefan thanked him for looking after her and wanting to put behind there differences whilst Damon admitted that he could not help Elena this time, and also agreed to let there feud go. But how long will this last, once the cure is back in the picture? (i’m sure it will be back) We all know these somber moments don’t last to long between these brothers.

Side-Notes.. This episode took a back-step to farewell Jeremy Gilbert, and Elena’s past life (goodbye Gilbert’s house..) so had little other story-lines enveloped between tonight, besides the Silas reawakening. We also got to see Caroline continue to mask her pain over Tyler’s leave and Matt return from ‘The Grill’ and deliver us some major emotional scenes (from seeing Matt lying there to loosing it in the car) Good Stuff TVD creators! Also props for the mentions of Alec and Jenna (still cant get over them being gone).
Overall, another greatly conjured emotional piece of The Vampire Diaries, the writers really know how to capture the sorrow’s and griefs of the death. This episode will be remembered along the lines of it’s past emotional installments and further enhanced the rest of the show to come. It look’s set to be an even more wild and dark ride as we head into the final half of season 4.
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