The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 14 “Down The Rabbit Hole” Review!

Last week I questioned wether or not going “Down The Rabbit Hole” could regather the show’s lost energy from previous weeks, and did it deliver?
Oh YES! It not only managed to retrieve back Katherine, it also managed to bring Sylis back along with the cure before rocking fans with a major shocker!
Let’s take a look at the massive events of the night below..
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Only 1 Can Survive.. excuse me using HP famous quotes, but only one can become human again leaving behind there vampire-self.. And apparently it is Katherine who wants to? Or at least maybe to rid herself from Klaus’s grasp. Now that this is know, even Rebekah went out of her way to take the coveted cure.. breaking Stefan’s kneck whilst at it.. (So much for Stebekah shippers). Now that there’s only room for one, who will receive back human form.. and does anyone really want it though?.. My bet’s are still on Elena receiving the cure though.
Klaroline On, and Tyalorine over?.. Goodbye Tyler (at least for a while), sorry but im a little glad his gone as his relationship with Caroline had become quite a bore, but there depature scenes were definetley emotional despite this as they’ve been together for quite a while now. Will you miss Tyler, or glad his gone?..
This means Klarloline may be all set to go, Klaus’s disguised confession that he loves her marks this occasion as he let Tyler get a head-start before hunting him down (flattering gesture.. but it’s Klaus after all which has got to mean something).
Caroline on the other hand, was lost for words and is in quite a confusing coffudle right now. Will she get with Klaus, or walk a single path from now on?
Jeremy and Bonnie Dead?.. This scene had me in a shocking confusing mess, I’m sure Bonnie will make it some-how after being stabbed from the other-five member.. but not so sure about Jeremy this time around (after suffering count-less deaths in the path, thanks to a certain ring) I think they may actually be his end.
I know about the whole Silas waking the dead thing, but I think it was just all a ploy in convincing Shane to re-awaken him (can not wait till this guy is gone, his caused enough trouble!). Vaughn was right in saying not to re-awaken him, as the cure was wanted by Katherine and Silas already killed Jeremy the second he was awoken. Will Bonnie and Jeremy survive? Why does Katherine want the cure? And what horror will Silas unleash upon the world?
Damon’s self-less act.. We all already know of Damon’s human-side, his selfless and loving his side but tonight’s episode proved to those who have labelled him the bad guy just how good he can be after deciding to give Elena the cure, despite the fact that she may not love him in doing so. After being held captive by the new Five member (Vaughn) and his little chat with Rebekah it brought everything to light (I also still think Damon & Rebekah have good chemistry.. is there anyone the Salvatore’s cant have?)
I really hope Elena still loves him if-or-not she takes the cure. How about you guys?
Side-Notes.. Stefan, who was less used last night again talked of his longing to be human? Could he be getting the cure now?  And where is Matt, his gone missing for a while now? Also Paul Wesley’s wife (Dr. Meredith) returns to Mystic Falls next week, will she be able to save Jeremy or Bonnie? 
Overall, a stunningly nail-biting episode of The Vampire Diaries that managed to prove to fans that the show’s still got it after being a bit lack-lustre in certain past weeks. I am now much more invested again, and can NOT wait till next week’s episode.
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