The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 13 “Into the Wild” Recap/Review

Now that was one of the most underwhelming episode of The Vampire Diaries to-date, it wasn’t a complete utter waster of time as it had a few good moments though. But what is going TVD?!, your usually never this down in being interesting.
Here are the top 5 highlights of the night..
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1. Shane is evil.. tell us something we didn’t already know. It was obvious since the moment we saw him teach Bonnie in the dark arts. The only note-worthy Shane development to come of it, was his motives in doing so.. that there son passed away and led his mum to try and get him causing her to lose her own life. Now Shane is trying to bring his wife back to life by awaking Silas. Please go away Shane now, your really dragging the show down and it really showed tonight with an entire episode devoted to you..
2. Damon might become human? It was a question dealt from, no other but Elena.. i think many fans saw this coming before and im actually interested in seeing it happen, it would be quite interesting to see another side of Damon in human-form, i know we’ve seen it in the past but he would be completely different this time around.. with his love for Elena and experiencing a life of vampirism. Of coarse if fans don’t like it, he can always end up back in his vampire form. The question on everyone’s lips though, is if it will be worth it? Will Elena actually love him in his human-state, and will she even love him her own former-self?
3. Stebekah.. Still loving these two, but there new relationship was turned down a little this week, with less of them sharing chemistry-driven scenes. Rebekah was her usual self though, providing numerous funny lines throughout the night and showing yet again her vulnerable side by saving Elena from near-death.. and in the end reconciling the terms of there friendship, realizing that they both share similar goals.
4. Klauroline.. Caroline & Tyler returned last night, and where probably the most entertaining of the night, although being quite random. We once again saw the other gooey side of Klaus (in which we already know he has). He demonstrated this after nearly killing her into making Tyler rejoin his alliance. In the end he Tyler outsmarted him and left him to watch her die, knowing he would give in and save her life due to his feelings for her. Just get together already! Tyler and Caroline have become tiresome as a couple..
5. Another member of The Five, probably the most note-worthy development of the night, is that we’ve discovered yet another hunter part of The Five, by making a unique interest by leaving Damon for death (of coarse he’ll live). The question is who is he? What opportunities or problems does he offer Jeremy and more importantly the cure?
Overall, a underwhelming episode of The Vampire Diaries, on-par with it’s other weaker installment since returning. It focused to heavily on Shane, and left-behind any big developments for the other characters we care about.  The episode had a few note-worthy and interesting moments that saved it from being an utter mess. Come on TVD writers, get things going and stop diverging and focusing on unnecessary plot-lines.

Overall Rating: 

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  1. I have to disagree, I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the next scene lol. For me the last two episodes have really stepped up.

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