The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 12 “A View to a Kill” Review!

Welcome back Vampire Diaries..
The epic mojo of the show we’ve grown to love made a comeback last night with “A View to a Kill”.
Let’s take a look at the major highlights of the night below..
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Stebekah: Who knew that these two could have so much chemistry?.. I must say that Rebekah has to be one of the most interesting character’s on the show right now, her emotional and personal complex just make her one dynamically compelling woman.

At first last night, I thought she would again be put into her slumber by a cold hearted Stefan.. but he went the opposite route as he finally saw her in the light that we see her after creating a personal 80’s style prom for her.

In the end Rebekah saw the plan in motion and jumped aboard on the cure express. Hope we get to see more Stebekah in the future!
Elena & Jeremy: Did anyone else think they made a big mistake in killing Kol?.. I felt they were really reckless in doing so as they’ve now got Klaus/The Originals on there case. They’ve already got enough to deal with!
It made for a pretty entertaining fight though, Elena is one tough cookie to escape the stake and take Kol right-on.

Also who else found Kol’s addiction to modern technology hilarious? He got hooked on iPod’s and Xbox’s just like his human fellows. Guess anything is possible no matter what century your from.

All jokes aside, Jeremy’s map is now nearly full developed.. but could this mean that his becoming a more psycho-type hunter? (Connor style).. Time will tell.
Bonnie : Is she really on a path to self-destruction or will she continue to master her powers for good.. If she can help save her friends, why not just let her be?
Her parents won’t, that’s for sure by trying to drug her into letting her powers go and getting in touch with the spirits again. But Bonnie managed to get out of it just in time to save Elena and Jeremy from ferocious Klaus (yes prob his most angriest mood to date).
Also turns out Bonnie’s Dad contaminating Mystic Fall’s water supply came in handy in defeating Kol.. guess his over-protectiveness has it’s perks.
Sidenotes: Damon was still his classic self despite being locked up and it was quite intense once he was out as Stefan mocked his sire bond over Elena. Also where is Coraline and Tyler hiding? (kind of missing them) & What’s all this talk about Silas, will he be showing up in town sometime soon.. Unsure about that one but could Katherine be making a comeback too in the near future (I hope so).
Overall, the show is now back on-track as it cleared quite a few things up and further enhanced the major storylines going on throughout this season, it is no longer a re-tread or a string of random events. The goal is now set for all major players, it is all now about the hunt for the cure. Let’s hope it can hold onto this momentum this time around.
Overall Rating:
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