Revenge Season 2 Episode 14 “Sacrifice” Review!

The massive episode of Revenge finally aired this week, which revealed just who was under the sea.
It was yet another suspense and emotion-heavy episode, in which is determined to effect the show’s future.
Here’s the top 4 moments of the night.
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1. Goodbye!.. (SPOILER) Amanda.. I’m really sad she’s gone, as I quite enjoyed her character despite her criticism. But someone had to take the blow (hence the cleverly ep title ‘Sacrifice’) for Emily to re-gain her revenge momentum in future episodes. I was on the edge of my seat, bouncing back between wether it will be Fake Amanda or Jack who would loose there life.. which then finally all came-to full light in a very Titanic-esque moment where Emily held her best-friend in her arms as she left the world (yes, I shed a few tears).
It was quite touching seeing her express how close of a friendship they had during those flashbacks of them being behind bars. In a way it wouldn’t of made sense if Jack died as he still does not know the truth about Emily. Goodbye Fake Amanda, you will be dearly missed (at least by me anyway).
2. The Grayson’s Grand Scheme.. No-one can quite pull of a scheme like this family, first Victoria pretends to be Helen, and then she stages a phone conversation with Daniel before planting her cell-phone at Amanda’s house.. It was pretty convenient of them to put the blame on Amanda now that she’s gone. But that is pretty low to do it to someone that was the daughter of your ex-lover Victoria and knowing that Charlotte had established a bond with her. She kind of felt guilty though in those closing scenes where she revealed to Conrad her worries for Fake Amanda.
Will these two get caught out? And just what will Emily do when she finds out about there scheme?
3. Padme Loses her father.. Tonight we saw Padme try and trick the into telling them about father, in which she found out tonight to be dead. I guess Padme was good after all, as she stuck by Nolan.
Does this mean Padme will now be on team “Revenge” after losing her father?
4. Nolan to the rescue!.. His always there for Emily and her loved ones, especially Jack. He joined her on the mission to rescue them from the boat after discovering Nate was on the boat. Emily then went to save Amanda, leaving Jack’s fate in the balance as he rushed to find some help. We all know he will survive now that Amanda’s out of the picture though but will he finally learn the truth about Emily? And what about there poor baby?
Overall, a emotionally nail-biting episode of Revenge that truly set-up the episodes to come, there’s no more holding back now.. it’s time for some full-blown ‘revenge’ against the Graysons for all the misery they’ve caused Emily. It also managed to wrap-up some of this seasons ongoing mysteries before closing with a tear-jerker finale.
Now we must wait 3 week’s after that epic episode 🙁
What did you think of the episode? Did it live up to your epic expectations?
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