Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 19 “What Becomes Of The Broken Heart” Recap/Review

PLL was once again all relationship and character driven last night, with very little A progress.
Here are the top 5 highlights of the night below.
Source: ABC
1. CeCe & Melissa are involved!.. Jason had a flashback to the night Ali died, we saw more on things we have suspected. Melissa’s Ali involvement has been known for a while now and became even more clearer last night as she met up with CeCe (in which many suspected to also be involved). I still have my bets on Melissa being the killer, due to her numerous flashback involvement, but could CeCe be the girl in red?
2. Jason’s life is in danger.. Emily discovered a picture of Ali with Detective Wilden and CeCe!! Who claimed to know nothing about Wilden, once again adding to her growing list of suspicious activity. Emily seems to be the new Spencer, she’s the only one still searching for answers! Answers that nearly costed her and Jason’s life. Jason thankfully saved Emily by letting her out of the elevator first, the nail-biting scene was  executed quite well.
But how did Jason survive that fall? and where did he disappear to in the end, who is after him? Once again we must wait for more answers!
3. Weslia.. Are these two now a couple? That kiss screamed chemistry.. And i for one am i happy she’s finally dating someone her own age. Do you like these two together or is it just me? Also, what was CeCe up to whilst they helped her, could she be involved in the elevator incident?

4. Spencer comes back.. The episode started out with Spence continuing her spiral out of control, i actually enjoyed it this time around especially that little naughty strip quiz with her group leader (i sense a hookup soon). I laughed out loud when Emily interrupted and Spence exclaimed “I was jut about to show my cupcakes”. Wren also made a visit thanks to Mona for her ‘concern’ for her mental health, it was nice seeing him again.. but could he have his own motives?
By the end, Spencer turned up just in time when her friends where in danger, and seemed to be back to her old self.. we will just have to wait and see if it stays that way. Let’s hope she finally reveals Toby’s secret (promising hope from the promo).

5.Hanna and Caleb’s family drama.. This story-line wasn’t quite as boring as last week but still had no particular significance of the night. Hanna helped patch things up with Caleb and his uncle-turned Dad after resolving things over tea (guess that really does the trick). And i was confused about the dices on money thing, did anyone pick up just what that was about?
Side-Notes.. The closing scenes hinted that Spencer is now in danger next week.. Could it be Mona or Toby getting revenge?
Overall, not a particularly exciting episode of the show as it focused to heavily on relationships again rather than the major mysteries. It was redeemed though, by having some A-drama also thrown in the mix, especially the nail-biting closing scenes. I think it’s about time we have answers now writers.. these never-ending questions just keep on growing!
Overall Rating:

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