How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Episode 17 “The Ashtray” Review/Recap

Last night we were treated to the classic HIMYM three perspective episodes with the return of The Captain!
It was pretty jam-packed with different characters last night, let’s take a look..
Source: CBS
Ted’s perspective.. I really enjoyed seeing these different perspectives as we saw Ted place his fear of the captain within his stories of seeing him once getting a call from in the opening scenes. His thoughts about him were kept inside and showed his nervousness around him, like pulling out a gun instead of a remote.. which made me laugh out-loud. It was quite funny with the references to the ‘BOATS BOATS BOATS!’ girl dating the captain and then another guy with a sea reference.. classic HIMYM right there.
Robin’s perspective.. Another hilarious look at the run-in art gallery where Robin was the object of The Captain’s affection, placing moves on her and trying to get her number. Another highlight of her view is that Ted’s thoughts were spoken aloud in which the Captain got to hear straight from his mouth.. it highlighted how Robin thought about his fear in that it was nothing major. 
Lily’s perspective (the truth slightly over-exaggerated).. Her rendition of the events was the most truthful, despite her exaggeration of a over-sexualized Robin (probably a hint at Lily’s crush on her). It revealed the fearful Ted, and drunk Robin. The sword in Ted’s telling was actually a remote in which the captain recorded ‘the real housewives of miami’ (another hilarious moment) and Robin actually throwing herself at him by kissing him before passing out. 
We also got a much more vulnerable and less-comic Lily to (which just makes me love her more!) who finally had it with her teacher job after Marshall learned of the stolen astray! I laughed out loud when he sounded all serious saying “We’re going to fight, and maybe do it after”. He then comforted her and convinced her to return it which resulted in her scoring a job from The Captain in being his personal art assistant. That elephant painting was just hilarious though, another crazy tidbit by the writers. Good on Lily though, wonder if we’ll see her in action in future episodes.
Barney: Barney was a bit in the background tonight, again struggling to maintain his monogamous new life by trying to fantasize the more wild-side of his previous self by trying to insert himself into all three storytelling’s (which again was classic Barney) and also offering Robin some potential future wild trips. In the end though his friends realized that’s who Barney is, and just to go along with his crazyself as it just causes him to self-destruct.
Overall, yet another classic episode of HIMYM that demonstrated just where it works best through is quirky and unique methods of telling stories. By using this, we get a much more detailed look at the character’s lives and personalities that fans have grown to love. While not as mother-mystery heavy, its still nice to have some of these character driven episodes.
Overall Rating: