How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Episode 16 “Bad Crazy” Review

Last night’s episode revealed to fans that we will no longer be meeting random girls for Ted, it also indulged more into subplots making it a fun but average episode.
Let’s take a look at what went down last night..

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Ted and Bat-Crazy Jeannette.. This new girl is beyond crazy.. from yelling during sports matches to locking herself up in Ted’s room. Ted found it hard to break-it-off with her though, and who wouldn’t?. He also couldn’t bring himself to do so as they just ended up making love.

She was also a cop? Nice addition writers, couldn’t stop laughing at that one and also at Ted dressing in a Boba Fett costume to protect himself. I guess we will be seeing more Jeanette.. and rightly so as i’m confused as to where the writers will go afterwards as we still have one more final season to go.

Robin & Marvin’s mysterious adventures..  These two had a heavy focus last night, and i actually really enjoyed it, it was hilarious seeing Robin and Lily talk in between the future about the very day she looked after Marvin..without any physical contact whatsoever though. It was random and crazy that the person who helped her get through that horrific day was Mike Tyson, all was then of coarse forgiven by Lily with that little detail. I love how the writers can be outrageously random, it makes the show what it is.
Also i thought it was quite touching once Robin got over her baby-fear as Lily just handed it to her without her willingly knowing. I really hope Robin finds out she’s capable of having children, it will be a nice dynamic to explore with Barney.

Marshall and Barney’s crazy antics.. These had very minor roles last night, but still had a classically funny presence. There usage of Ted’s house as storage was classic, they definitely had the most funny quotes  (Barney’s “Cray Cray gotta go bye bye, before you get stabbed stabbed.”) of the night to along with there reactions to seeing and hearing of Jeanette (Them two bonding over a game and commenting on Ted’s difficult decisions with her had me laughing out loud).

Overall, an average but still entertaining episode of the show, it finally told us that there’s no-more distractions to meeting the mother now. That is before we venture once more into Ted’s feelings for Robin though. Let’s hope we get more mystery heavy episodes now that we reach the last few episodes of the season.

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