90210 Season 5 Episode 15 “Strange Brew” Review/Recap

90210 slipped in average-ville last night, everything felt convoluted and seemed to be heading nowhere major.. Here we’re the top 5 highlights of the night..
Source: CW
1. Lannie.. This was the only major thing going on, despite actually happening.. Annie dreamt the reunion with Liam and her convo with drink Liam ceased to exist. It all helped her career spike ( Annie sure knows how to be subtle in her work right?)though. Big letdown for the shippers though.. The reunion is in sights but again faces more hurdles.
2. Naomi and Mark.. At first I felt agitated and annoyed with the newly introduced half-brother with his constant ignorance towards Naomi, but in the end grew to like him after saving her from there conveniently connected argan allergy. Nice save Mark! Also I really hope they don’t divulge back into the Annie/Naomi fighting. Been there, done that.. I like them as friends, and just seems annoying now. High school has past.
3. Silver.. continues to be controlling, but it’s warranted.. Come on Michaela shows up and suddenly worms her way into almost everyone close to her? Something’s not up. In the end Dixon patched things up by including her ( Director Silver!) Anyone else feel a Sixon reunion soon? I really hope so.
4. Ade.. Comic Relief? Was it just me or did she have nothing much going on tonight? She only pitched ideas to Silver and worked as a plot device to help patch things with her friends troubles.. Guess we got her sweet and caring side this week. One of the many fine lives of Ade.
5. Navid.. drilled the final nail into the coffin with Campbell (keep forgetting the name, glee guys sticks more) after causing him to lose his girlfriend. Watch out Navid, now his really after you! Michael Steger is finally coming into his own, but his still again separated from all the others.
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(Looks much more interesting then last nights lackluster episode)