90210 Season 5 Episode 14 “Brother From Another Mother” Review

90210 took a trip down memory lane last night as Annie and Naomi’s long-forgotten brother made his first appearance in “Brother From Another Mother”. The episode was fun, but was less intense as the last couple of weeks.
Here were the highlights of the night below.

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Adrianna comes into her own.. Tonight we saw Adrianna finally bring back her bitchy side and get her life together, she went to court for her public indecency (which also resulted in her nearly chocking to do death). She also stood up to Silver for her lack of sympathy, and down right selfishness for not understanding the other problems going on her friends lives.
 Ade also brought back her inner-rock chick (Ola season 1-2 days) which didn’t end up working out due to her new higher expectations she has made (ahem, getting your bra off in front of the crowd). Will Ade go all out for her career now after her music break?
Naomi once again struggle’s with her relationships.. Again we saw Naomi struggle to retain any proper relationship with a loved one (she doesn’t see how good she has it with her friends though!). She again used her hastily methods of keeping her loved ones close, by interfering and going to any cost to gain there love. She did this tonight, by regaining contact with her long-forgotten half-brother Mark,and ruined it by trying to ‘help’ him in his cook-off competition which then led to a hilarious scene where they crashed in the little cooking van.
You got to admit though, we all feel sorry for Naomi.. the lengths she goes to proves just how loveable she can be. Annie of course, came to the rescue though and reproved Naomi’s intentions to Mark which then rekindled the family bond between all of them. Will Mark be sticking around now though, or will Naomi be let down again?
Silver becomes controlling again but redeems herself.. Now that McKayla is the surrogate (happy there was no Teddy last night), Silver put back on her controlling persona and started to boss her around on how to have her baby in which McKayla fired back on her by revealing that she hooked up with Navid and also put her back into perspective by bringing to the fore-front her obsession with wanting a baby.. it no good for her own state of mind and the baby’s, after all Silver still has bi-polar and can easily re-surface.
In the end though, we saw Silver regain herself by turning to Adrianna with an apology and a decision to open a little business.. aww! I love seeing these two being the best of friends, and helping each other out, wonder how this little business will work out though… hope it doesn’t take the Dixon contract route.
Navid is in hot water.. Why does Navid constantly place faith in Campbell (Grant Gustin). First he turns to him for help during finals and then he asks him to drop the charges for Liam. Everything comes at a price, and he can’t be trusted.. What further trouble will he cause Navid and potentially Liam? I sense there’s something dangerous in store wit this guy.

Does Navid ever stop getting involved in dangerous business that put his life on the line (rem his season 4 undercover days in protecting Silver?) And what about McKayla? She revealed of there relationship to Silver.. Will she offer him happiness or even more trouble?

All these stories have certainly made Navid much more interesting this season, and look forward to seeing how things play out for him in future eps.
Liam is going crazy!.. We finally learned of his crazy-turn in the past weeks was actually PTSD in which he truly displayed tonight by nearly chocking Ade, punching out one of college group kids and randomly having outbursts towards Ade again. He tried to deny it (“PTSD it’s not like I went to war”) but in the end came to grips with it by confiding with Navid and buying the place where he was hold captive to help release all the inner-stresses left behind, firstly by destroying the box the psycho planned to ship of with. Will Liam now be looking to rekindle things with Annie? (the promo sure hints that)
Side-Notes.. Dixon is going to sign McKayla.. is she trustworthy though or is there a hidden agenda? It was also nice to see him have strong faith in Annie again, and accepting the half-brother she has. Also how is Annie still so stable after Riley’s death.. I bet we will see her break though in future eps.
Overall, another entertainingly fun episode of 90210, that was a bit less intense compared to past weeks as major developments have passed. It still managed to continue developing previous storylines though and enhanced the characters to move forward with there lives. Let’s see what the gang’s future now has to offer!
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