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Now that was an underwhelming return to Mystic Falls..
It was one of the weakest episodes of the season to-date.. here are the 5 major highlights of the night..
1. Rebekah and Stefan team-up, could these two be rekindling there long-gone romance?

2. Elena was more up-front than ever and revealed her true feelings towards Stefan and Damon… finally she decides to stop being confused!

3. April became connected to Professor Shane.. nothing major but still interesting for further developments to come.

4. Jeremy continues to edge even closer to becoming a ruthless vampire hunter.. hope this story manages to regain the intrigue we had during it’s early development.

5. The hunt for the cure continues.. but nothing big happened during this episode to get anywhere near it.
This episode felt much more like a filler and re-tread as little developments came of it and instead rehashed everything we already knew.. but this is probably just one of those dud episodes, cant wait till they speed things up and get back on track.
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