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Yet another epic episode of PLL, there’s been no messing about for a while now.. glad its moved beyond the usual drama.. Let’s take a look at the highlights of this jam-packed episode.
Spencer Knows.. She finally knows about Toby after discovering his visit pass to the mental institute.. whilst planning there anniversary dinner (pretty silly of Toby to leave it around).. Poor Spencer! It was pretty exciting finally seeing her reaction to it all.. she was heartbroken as he searched for the key she found. 
But why on earth did she go back to his apartment after learning his secret? pretty dangerous move whilst Mona vacated the apartment.. Judging from next week’s promo.. i still think Toby may be good.
Hanna Attacked.. A continues to have a little fun whilst threatening the girls and last night was no exception as she falsely lead her to a job interview in which left her running for her life in a room full of manikins.. spooky! A also threatened to leave her faceless.. harsh much? But it all led to something good.. finding the key that helped Spence discover Toby’s identity.. It was pretty silly that he just dropped the key like that.
Aria Held Hostage By A Psycho.. Yet another psycho on a TV show this week.. (pointing my finger at you 90210 who also shared the exact same ep title this week). Meredith went all psycho this week.. i knew she couldn’t be trusted after having that menacing face. She was drugging Aria into locking her up while searching for Allison’s diary notes.. Who also managed to appear last night via flashback (or could it be real?) which was nice to see again as it helps gain a greater perspective on the mysteries. Could she still alive though? And is Byron to be trusted or is he still hiding something? Aria should of kept those papers just in case.

Emily/Side-Notes..  Emily had less of a role tonight as she helped the girls last night and why did the her and Hanna just walk straight into the basement after seeing Meredith purchase sleeping pills?  And will Paige and Caleb succeed in bringing down Mona and her A-Team? 

Overall, a wildly entertaining nail-biting episode of the show that managed to further enhance the A mystery without being side-tracked. It suffered from bad plot devices but managed to accomplish what is needed for future episodes to come.. I also wish it explained more about Toby tonight but all in good time. Let’s hope its on-wards and upwards from now on.

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