Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 15 “Mona-Mania” Episode Review!

Source : ABC

Pretty Little Liars is on a role, no more relationship or side-drama.. we are right back in the thick of the never-ending A mysteries. Let’s take a look at what new developments unravelled last night.
Spencer Vs. Mona.. Who didn’t love there trivia face-off, and in the end Mona outsmarted her in becoming the new captain of Spencer’s little braniac group. Spencer is also still on the hunt to discover Mona’s true motives.. in which we all know are bad as she continues to don the famous A-team hood.
Aria, Byron & Meredith.. This was by far the most interesting development of the night as Aria’s dad continued to be a creepy freak.. can you he be any more obvious at hiding his sinister side? No wonder why Aria’s on his case.. But last night further delved into this side as he continued to deliver subtle evil passes towards Aria.. from stealing the notes from her left-boot to seeing him fiercely attack Meredith.
Speaking of Meredith.. i don’t trust her one bit, she may seem to be on Aria’s side but something’s off about her as she sticks around with Byron after knowing his dark side..
And what was in that tea?.. something tell’s me its not full of healthy herbs after she gave that suspicious look. Could she have killed Allison and is framing Byron from what she knows?
Emily & Paige.. What happened to the strong Paige we saw during the ‘A-Train’ episode.. didn’t she save Emily during that ep? She has now become paranoid..although can you blame her if you lived in a town like Rosewood. Also why would A want to slash her tyres?  Is A just trying to have a little fun whilst she’s at it?..

Hanna.. Hanna continues to struggle with trusting Mona, after spending a good amount of her time visiting her in the psychiatric ward but it all came to a final blow last night as she came to a breaking point that she can not be trusted after discovering her little blackmail scheme against Lucas. But can Lucas be trusted? his not letting on to other secrets.. i doubt she blackmailed him just for holding some answers to tests.. But all in good time until we find out though.

Overall, another great drama-filled episode that got right into the major ongoing mysteries and further diverted from all the other filler-drama that the show sometimes tends to spend too much time on. This streak isn’t about to end anytime soon as next week’s episode is set to be yet another crazy A-filled ride.. let’s hope it manages to stay like this throughout the latter half of this season.
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