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Last night’s HIMYM had nothing to do with the mother mystery yet again but managed to be quite a fun divergent.. Let’s take a look at the major highlights of the night..
Ted’s New Fling.. turned out to be Barney’s half sister (Pretty Little Liars Ashley Benson!) didn’t see that one coming! It was quite hilarious seeing the role reversal between Barney being the committed one whilst Ted was the one having the one night-stands.. one of the funniest lines of the night was whilst Barney tried to fight his new destiny by having a bronnection.. Classic Barney.
Robin & Her New Bling.. has made her invisible, but not in the ways of the hobbit and of Harry’s invisibility cloak (Loved how they referenced these). It instead made her invisible to other viable single guys and life in itself as she’s now devoted to Barney.. 
She struggled to accept this fate last night but instead embraced it after some wise words from the golden couple that is Marshall & Lilly. Barney also realized that his over living the high life as they’ve both found who there meant to be with.

Marshall & Lily spice it up.. These two were up to there usual antics.. trying desperately to find time to make some loving since Marvin’s birth. Marshall was willing to risk his life to get things going by dressing in things he was allergic to.. But by episodes end they both realized they didn’t need any of that to regain that spark.  the closing scenes were hilarious as Marshall couldn’t resit when Lily was dressed as a good ol’ housewife. These two never get old.

Overall a classic fun-filler episode of HIMYM, that diverted once more from finding the mother but instead further developed Barney & Robin’s relationship with some numerous laughs throughout the night.
It’s nice to have these episodes sometimes, but we now need more mother based episodes.. who agrees?

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