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What a way to kick of the 2nd half of an already great season. We were treated to numerous major story developments last night with a major shocker before the episodes ended.
Let’s take a look at the major highlights of 90210’s long-awaited season return..
Naomi… Tonight we saw Naomi continue to struggle with her marriage which led her to visit her mother (it’s been a while mama Clark) who encouraged her to follow her heart.. she also gave Naomi her grandma’s ring for luck (aww, good ol’ family gestures). It was also nice to see Naomi bond with Adrianna again.. after being besties back in the early days of the show.. lets hope we get more of them in the future!
Silver & Teddy’s baby-drama.. Last night’s baby drama came to a full-blow as Teddy continued to try and gain father rights to Silver’s nonexistent baby. I must say it was at least a bit more interesting this time around as it managed to develop much more quickly than expected.. Why on earth would she turn to his judgmental troublemaker uncle?.. now things are looking more worst than ever as he threatened to destroy the hopes of Silver ever having a baby. By episodes end, Silver drastically forged Teddy’s signature into signing the baby rights papers. Oh oh.. big mistake!
Adrianna & Dixon.. Dixon continued to hold Adrianna’s contract over her.. after discovering him already bedding new girl Megan. So Ade decided to do the same by joining Naomi on a road-trip and asking out a random bikie to accompany her to Dixon’s opening party. It did the trick though, into making Dixon stop his threats toward her but lead to Ade feeling even more miserable by telling her he no longer cares for her.. 
Ouch! But these two seriously need to move on, we already know Addixon is not end-game.
Annie, Liam, Vanessa and The Psycho.. I’ve saved the best for last as this was one of the most nail-biting  moments of the night.. as Annie once again proved her love for Liam (Lannie is nearly here again!). 
Liam’s psycho bodyguard Ashley continued to hold him hostage during the early developments of the night before Vanessa and Annie teamed up into finding him after learning Ashley’s psychopathic ways (must say i loved seeing the two mend things over into becoming friends). But once releasing him.. things took a nasty turn as Annie dived to save Liam from being shot which led to her being shot! Didn’t see that one coming! I’m sure Annie will make it through.. which means that more than one Wilson has faced near-death. Better keep an eye-out Wilson’s… the writers are onto you this season.

Side-Notes.. No Navid, wonder what’s going on with him?. Arielle Kebbel please stay.. I have grown to enjoy Vanessa thanks to you and an amazing performance by Rita Ora, it fitted right into the events of the episode. Probably the best integration of a musical guest-star on the show..
Overall, a dramatic drama-filled episode of 90210 that kicked off a promising second-half of the season. It brought fans right back into the thick of the show’s happenings.. and provided us with a major cliffhanger. The writers are doing a great job this season, and i look forward to seeing how everything plays out in weeks to come.

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