The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 7 “My Brother’s Keeper” Review/Recap

Another wildly thrilling episode of The Vampire Diaries, that managed to give Delena fans everything they wished for before dropping a bomb on them right near the episodes end.
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Elena and Damon.. Let’s kick off with the major revelation of the night, Elena and Damon both gave in to temptation and finally turned those endless glances into something real, but in the end we were slapped once more in the face after learning that Elena could be sired to Damon?.. Come on! If this ends up going that way it’s going to be a major letdown as they continue the endless love triangle between the 3 leads.. We just want Elena to have some real quality time with Damon, we don’t need any of this agitating sire stuff that Caroline and Stefan brilliantly thought up. 
Jeremy The Hunter!… Besides the disappointing twist with Delena, we were treated to Jeremy finally taking a major step into being a hunter, his urges of hunting down vampires took over during the episode and managed to turn against his loved ones, and his own sister Elena… in which many have been wondering as to whether or not it would happen.  Jeremy ended up controlling it in the end thanks to the help of his new best bud Matt.. but for just how long will Jeremy be able to?
Klaus and Caroline/ Tyler and Hayley.. I loved the fact that these two finally got more full-on screen time as they look to be a new intriguing couple, due to them bringing out something different of each other.. Tyler was also getting jealous by this and is even more determined to bring him down with his sure-to-be next hookup Hayley.
Speaking of Hayley.. Why is she working with Professor Shane?.. we’ll have to wait and see just what she is hiding in weeks to come.
Side-notes.. No Rebekah once more, please bring her back soon! Also no Bonnie, no surprise here as she always goes missing but still gets mentioned due to her plot with Professor Shane.
Overall, a wildly entertaining episode of The Vampire Diaries, which felt mildly like a filler episode as no bigger developments of the season unraveled. The episode was also let down by the annoying plot device for Delena, Let’s hope the writers take this somewhere better, rather than worse.
Overall Rating:

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