90210 Season 5 Episode 9 “The Things We Do For Love” Mid-Season Finale Review/Recap!

90210 left 2012 on a high-note, with another mid-season cliffhanger despite having a slow start.

Take a look at the numerous developments of the night below..

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Naomi/Max & The Return Of Alec.. Alec is back, and did anyone else see that revelation coming? I knew there was more to his friendship with Max! But on to Naomi who was once again, pushed aside by Max with his annoying trust issues.. seriously he needs to get who is really trust-worthy into check as he can’t realize the one person that truly cares for him is his wife!

I agree with Naomi finally giving up on trying to convince him after learning about Bryce’s manipulation by Alec.. and by episode’s end Max decided to escape everything by heading overseas.

Adrianna/Dixon.. That was quick Dixon! After just leaving Ade he is ready to pounce on newcomer Megan! I’m glad though that he wasn’t to rough on Ade after last week’s menacing threat toward her, as his demands on her were not too life-altering.. but who knows what path he will take these demands next year..

Ade was caught between all the rest of the dramas going on with her friends last night though, so there was no time to delve into her new relationship with Taylor (who was nowhere to be seen).
Dixon on the other hand has his full health back and also managed to finally tell Megan of his involvement in the crash which was then met by an unexpected reaction.. I’m sure there’s some more drama here that will unveil itself next year.

Annie/Riley.. It’s never all-smiles in paradise for these two, as Riley and Annie continued to struggle with there new found relationship due to Annie’s commitments of wanting to head overseas and write (exciting stuff for bloggers like me) making Riley feel uncomfortable of his treatment of not being able to go with her. He also continued to show his frustration with being in a wheelchair after seeing Annie’s happiness over Dixon’s recovery, leading him to take on a life-threatening spinal cord surgery. Could this be leading to something more serious?

Silver’s Baby Drama.. That was unexpected! I thought this story would have a nice little happy ending.. but no, it’s never smooth-sailing for anyone on 90210! Ted now wants rights over his baby thanks to Shane.. way to throw it in her face after everything she’s done for the two as Shane threatened to bring in the law. Let’s hope Teddy see’s the light next year and comes to an agreement, or either helps her take on a different route for Silver’s sake.

Liam!!!.. I’ve saved the best for last after everything came full blow for Liam last night, as we discovered the true bad guy behind Liam’s on-going sufferings. We now know that Vanessa and Ashley have no connection as Vanessa is only in it for the money. I kind of liked her last night as she turned out to be less threatening as usual.. it was also quite humorous seeing her argue with Annie.

The true evil here is his crazy bodyguard/fan who showed her jealousy over Vanessa by kidnapping him and holding him hostage under his bar/club. Way to show her affection right?.. It was yet another Liam mid-season cliffhanger in which his sure survive once again, but what trouble is this psycho about to bring in 2013? (ahem… watch the 2013 promo to find out!)

Side-Notes..  Nice Windows 8 product placement.. (Season 1 Dr.Pepper all over again) and good to see the nice old Navid helping out a friend. Could there be a Naomi and Navid hook-up next year though or is it just a new blossoming friendship?

Overall despite having a slow-start, it delivered yet another satisfying mid-season finale of 90210 that managed to tie up numerous ongoing plots and further develop other character sub-plots for next year.

So for now it’s Adios 90210! Thanks for giving us an impressive 2012 season run, let’s hope it can continue to maintain this well-into 2013!

Overall Rating:


90210 Returns Next Year Monday, January 24th at the new time of 9PM.. Check out the 2013 promo!