90210 Season 5 Episode 8 “902100” Review/Recap!

It’s the 100th episode celebration and 90210 reminded us just why we love it as it managed to give us just about everything that makes the show what it is. Did anyone else also spot the title-card change to mark the 100th episode? (nice touch!)

Let’s take a look at all the juicy filled highlights of the night!

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Annie and Liam (haven’t used this couple title for a while!).. Rannie fans were in heaven last night as the two finally were there for each other, Liam even revealed his burdening secret to her! I sense a reunion coming.

But back on track, Jasper was back! and Annie thought he was up to no good once more.. but turns out his taken on a new leaf in life and want’s Liam to appear in his new written film (lets hops this turns out well). And by episodes end, we learned what many had expected.. that Vanessa is alive! What troubled plot could she be stirring in the weeks to come, and how is Liam’s new creepy bodyguard involved?

Naomi and Max… Classic Naomi was back once more with her attempts to join yet another high society club, but as usual turned it down due to her development as a person. I loved how she apologized for all the wrongs she had written in the past and proved that she is a changed person, one of the most funniest moments in 90210 history. Who else enjoyed watching her friends jokingly go along with the backlash (more specifically Annie, after-all she suffered most in high school due to her).

Max on the other hand, made an appearance at the West-Bev celebration but lost all happiness by episodes end as Bryce caused him to get kicked out of his own company! Did not see that coming from her.. (what happened to that innocent girl from Greek?). Despite this, things look to be looking up again for him judging by next week’s promo but more shocking things involving Alec are to come!

Adrianna and Dixon.. It’s all out there now! Dixon finally learned the truth about Ade, and unexpectedly became an evil jerk! Seriously how much more does Ade have to suffer by being manipulated by her managers/lovers.. Dixon has now joined that evil manager rank!
Ade did something wrong, but she does not deserve that kind of punishment . after all wasn’t it Dixon who pushed her aside? and she had already decided to leave him when she met Taylor…
What happened to the good old’ sweet Addixon?

Silver and Teddy.. Silver reminded us of just why she is an amazing character by showcasing just how fearless she was,as she has undergone numerous transformations throughout the show’s history (being abandoned, bi-polar, cancer gene etc.) and tonight finally showed of her recently-learned burlesque moves to everyone (come on who did’t love that sexy little number she did!). The gangs reactions were priceless.

But this bold move was all for a good cause, as she made Teddy realize that he needs to be more fearless with his relationship with Shane, in which he did. All was not well though, as Shane learned of Silver & Teddy’s baby news (Oh oh!) and does anyone else sense a Silver and Teddy reunion or is it just me?

Side-notes.. Cousin Emily turned up and managed to not cause any trouble for Annie this time (phew!). It was nice seeing you Emily but only once in a while is enough! The Navid we love also made a comeback last night after his numerous apologies to Liam and some really great guest-spots by Taoi Cruz and Denise Richards.

Overall, this is how 100th episodes should be done! as not many go all out as 90210 did last night, it managed to delve into memory lane, keep on-track with ongoing stories and deliver once more all the classic drama and fun that made us fall in love with the show.

Overall Rating:


Three cheers for 90210! Congrats to the cast and crew!

Next Week’s Mid-Season Finale Promo :
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_telJlXP4g?feature=player_detailpage]