90210 Season 5 Episode 6 “The Con” Review!

Nptice: Long-delayed due to personal issues but here is the review for the previous week of 90210..
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The CW

Yet another terrific episode of the season, it really brought major story-lines to full blow!
Let’s take a look at the major highlights of the episode.
Silver.. learned about Navid’s new self, and gave up on reconciling with him after leaking Liam and his teacher’s sex tape all over the web and Phenomi-Con.
Annie.. finally learned about her new bf’s dark secret, Colin is the one sabotaged Max’s business and stole his game idea for his own purpose! Which lead to Annie finally getting with Riley.. Loving Annie’s story-lines this season after last season’s disastrous turn.
Naomi, Max & Alec.. Max finally came to grips of what was going on and chose Naomi over Alec after Naomi’s given ultimatum.. but Max still hesitated to get rid him as they were best friends.. I sense Alec will be back with a cold-hearten vengeance.
Addixon… Adrianna continued her dirty spiral into sneaking around with Taylor, but Taylor no longer wanted to go along the forbidden path and told her that she need’s to leave Dixon to be together, but in the end she decided to stay with Dixon after learning of his spinal infection/
Overall, this was another excellent episode to the wildly entertaining season 5, as it brought some of this season’s ongoing secrets to full-blow.
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