The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 5 “The Killer” Episode Review

Yet another great episode of The Vampire Diaries this week..
Here’s a quick run-down on what went down.
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Elena Goes Killer.. Woah! that was a brutal kill for Elena.. did not see that coming, she has lost her true innocence now and i liked how they showed her anger and frustration with herself by returning to her diary.
In the end, what was that mirror message vision?, it labelled her as a Killer.. This is gonna be an interesting plot to follow.
Stefan’s Selfishness.. I’m really annoyed with Stefan, he always respected Elena with her choices but tonight was no longer the case as he only cared for ‘the cure’ and didn’t care if others get hurt including his love-hate relationship with his brother. But in the end, he was reassured by Damon who agreed to help him on his request to return Elena to her true form as of respect. Nice to see that these two still share a brotherly love.

Jeremy’s New Destiny… I’m really impressed were they have taken this character this season as he was always a weak spot of the TV show but now that Connor is dead, could he be the new hunter?.. This is certainly a intriguing question as it will be damaging for his relationship with his sister as Connor gave a speech to him in that he needs to let go of all those that are vampires, including his own family and friend! I really hope Jeremy keeps his own perspective though.
Bonnie No Longer Afraid.. After regretting her decision of tapping into dark forces, Professor Shane is making her become fearless (alas Taylor Swift style) into ignoring it and moving forward no matter what. But why is he teaching her the method of Hypnotism? I’m sure his got a greater plan, as he was the mastermind behind Connor and i sense that Bonnie will turn against her friends in the near found-future due to this.
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Side-notes… Caroline returned last night, and caught Tyler with his new friend Haley (in which im sure loves Tyler) in which she assumed to be his new lover, but no! It’s all an elaborate plan to fool Klaus. But I sense there will be trouble in paradise and i’m guessing we will be treated with more Klauraline.
Overall, another excellent episode of the show, to a really amazing season so far.. the show never fails to impress as it manages to further develop its major story-lines and character each week. I look forward as to how all of last night’s fall-out plays out in the weeks to come.
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