90210 Season 5 Episode 5 “Hate 2 Love” Episode Review

What an impressive episode of 90210! It delivered us one satisfying and entertaining episode last night, take a look below at just why!

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Annie, Colin & Riley.. Thank you writers for giving us something interesting for Annie, she was almost on the back-burner for the whole of last season, this season she has been integrated with all the characters much more and has managed to establish a nice friendship with Adrianna. Her new bf, Colin is on the dark side! After last night’s revelation that the guy hacked into Max’s business systems, it helped make us become invested with Annie’s story-lines and jump on-board the Rannie train, Riley is seriously one of the best new characters to join the show!
Naomi, Max & Alec?.. Alec is really starting to get on my nerves, why is he so determined to ruin Maxaomi, like come on.. what’s Max’s personal life got to do with you?. But aside from this, i love Naomi’s driving force to finally expose him for what he really is by getting Madison back (wish she appeared more often), which ended in disaster after leaving in a wheelchair and Max being called to the office due to Colin’s infiltration of his business. I hope Max doesn’t put the blame on her for trying to bring down Alec though.
Ade & Dixon.. I really loved Addixon, but they have past there use-by date as Riley really brought it home by highlighting that there were already huge problems to begin with before the accident. Dixon once again put his career before her and led to yet another hook-up between Taylor and Adrianna on the beach..  We can also sense a new romance with Dixon and the new girl anyway. Goodbye Addixon! It was fun while it lasted.
 Liam & His Hot Teacher!.. I sensed this happening during last week’s episode, Liam finally turned the tables and played her game right back after judging him so quickly. She actually watched his film, and all her hate was actually a disguise for her attraction (Hey Arnold style anyone?). But Navid’s jealousy over Liam’s blossoming relationship with Silver may expose this little hook-up. The question is how will this further effect Liam’s on-going devious path this season?

Side-Notes.. Silver was less prominent last night, but took a new path of burlesque and wanted to show-off some moves to Liam (a shame he already had enough on his plate). Also great performance from Nelly Furtado, anyone else agree?

Overall, another excellent drama-filled episode of the zip that never bores. It managed to further intertwine the characters and their story-lines together,a massive improvement to last season’s separated character arcs.
It gave us even more tantalizing drama to look forward to, promising even more enticing new drama to come for all teen-drama lovers. Look forward to next week’s outing, as it looks to be another exciting one!

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