90210 Season 5 Episode 4 “Into The Wild” Episode Review!

A good but not great episode of the show this week after last week’s hurricane delay, with a few interesting new plot-points for the show to further delve into.
Take a look at what went down last night below.
Image: CW
Naomi & Max.. The 2 shared some more major personality clashes with the interests they had on there retreat. By the end of the episode we learned that Alec had already revealed to Max about him and Naomi’s kiss in which Naomi promised Alec she would tell him herself.. There issue of trust came full blow as the pair had a argument before the episodes end. The last shot of Naomi was really great, as she is now ready to bring down Alec.
Adrianna & Taylor.. Addixon looks to be over, as she gave into temptation during tonight’s episode after a sexy performance for her new music video. She kissed Taylor once more, and learned that she has feelings for him in which Taylor tried to prove. There’s also a recording of it all, so it looks as if Dixon is soon to learn the truth! I really hope Ade does’t go back onto the path that she did in season as it will be a shame of all the progress she went through.
Silver.. I’m really glad they moved away from the love triangle this season as Silver is much more interesting when it comes to her own-self.. Tonight her nude photos she took last week a photo-shoot got leaked and managed to generate a huge buzz over the internet (and why wouldn’t it, shes stunning!). In the closing scenes, we saw Silver enter a pole dancing club, could she take up a pole-dancing career? Who knows.
Navid, Dixon and Liam.. Ouch.. Navid was harsh last night as he put done one of his best friends, why are you being like this Navid, your ticking of your fans right now! But karma came back and bit him right were it hurt as Dixon proved to him that everything is not all about him. 
Liam on the other hand, had little to do last night as he went missing for the majority of the episode in which his new annoying co-star found later on and managed to generate further media press for him. Im not sure about her yet, she started of as a nuisance but ended up being alright by the end, what do you think 90210 fans?

Annie.. What happened to Riley? She got with together with the random new guy Colin tonight, in which she put off at first after her recent relationship dramas. I guess it’s just a casual fling once more for her, as there is definetley a Riley hook-up in the near future. Despite this, i enjoyed Annie’s presence last night as she added to the humor of the episode, alas her little poll dancing skit! and her conversations with close friend Silver. 
Overall, a good (but not great) episode of the show last night that managed to entertain us with all the usual drama, with some new key story points to look out for in episodes to come. It was odd that this episode was marketed as a Halloween episode as it had nothing to do with the occasion! The CW really needs to fix up there promos for the show. I look forward to seeing how the rest of this season plays out though, as it has been quite promising so far.
What did you think 90210 lovers? Loved it! or ere you left disappointed after the two-week wait?
And are you looking forward to Naomi taking down Alec?, I  for one cant wait!
Overall Rating:

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