The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 2 “Memorial” Episode Review!

Image: CW
What an episode!!
Last night’s episode was one of The Vampire Diaries best! It was a thrilling and thoroughly compelling episode. 
Here’s a rundown of what went down!
Elena’s Transition… Could Elena’s body be rejecting her transition into a vampire.. that is the current question fans of The VD are faced with. Her story was well-paced and fitted in so well with the rest of the episode.. and who else was shocked by the numerous times she spewed out the blood vomit… 
It was nice to see how good Elena is at controlling her new vampire instincts after gaining her much-needed fresh blood from Matt. Lets hope it stays down this time!
The new hunter!… How brutal was Connor, knocking Tyler out with his deathly bullets. But who is this guy? and what was up with that tattoo? and why could only Jeremy spot it?.. So many questions to be answered in which is a good sign as season 4 looks to as intriguing as ever.
Bonnie.. Poor Bonnie, does the pain ever end?.. She further delved into her sadness after tapping into dark magic last week that resulted in watching her Grandma suffer. Stefan brought her out of her sadness and returned to helping Elena. It was nice to see her mourn with the rest of the gang in the last scene over all the one’s they had lost. Lets hope Bonnie finds some happiness for once this season.
Image: CW
Damon.. Damon was at his usual odds of protecting Elena.. He shared his blood with her to help in stopping her rejection of becoming a vampire, in which enraged Stefan as this act of sharing blood is deeply sacred. It was unclear as to why it was such, maybe it will be revealed in further eps to come. It was nice to see Elena and Damon reconnect after last week’s lack of proper communication. I also enjoyed seeing Damon crack his usual wittiness throughout the episode (his numerous mentions of wanting to take the hunters head off).
We also got to see more vulnerability in him last night when visiting his good-old bff Alaric’s grave whilst the rest of the gang mourned together. It re-highlighted to fans in that Damon had not returned back to his arrogant ways seen in previous seasons.
New girl.. April!.. Just minutes after meeting her, she was already in death’s grasps. It will be interesting to learn more about her as she seems to be another intriguing addition to the VD gang. So far , we only know that she had a love-hate relationship with her now-dead priest father and was best friends with Elena along time ago before leaving Mystic Falls. Could she have any deeper issues going on? We will just have to wait and find out.
Side-notes.. Where was Klaus and Rebekah?.. Kinda use to seeing them on the show now. And who else LOL’d at Caroyline and Tyler’s bed chatter?
Overall, One of the best episodes in VD history.. it was way better then last week’s season premiere as it returned to the main dynamics in which made the show such a hit and further developed and connected the characters closely together. I look forward to seeing just how epic this season will turn out to be in the coming weeks!
Overall Rating: