90210 Season 5 Premiere ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ Episode Review!

Image: CW

After last season huge cliffhanger, 90210 returned stronger thane ever despite having low ratings.
It dealt with the repercussions of the finale and got straight back into where we left, which was a refreshing change for the show as the show’s premiere have always began months later.
Lets take a look of what went down..

Dixon is alive! Despite being left to the unknown for several minutes, we returned to what happened to him as Annie rang Dixon’s phone only to be told that she had to visit the morgue to find her brothers dead body.
Turns out, Dixon got out of the car and is in a critical condition, i really enjoyed how the writers made all the characters come together in support of the friend. Get better soon Dixon! Im sure he will have a speedy recovery.

Annie’s Reaction and Debbie’s return.. Thumps up to Shenae Grimes for delivering her best performance yet on the show, almost made me shed a tear the way she feared for her brother’s life.. It also showed the most vulnerable side of Annie as she prayed for hope in bringing back her brother. It was particularly emotional and relieving to see Debbie return for her son, it was nice to see the good-old mother and daughter conversation we had come to see in previous seasons.

Image: CW

Silver and her baby drama.. This story was the least exciting of the night as Silver continued to struggle in between balancing her relationships with Navid and Liam.. In the end Teddy agreed to have her baby..
The boys seemed to be on the fence with the decision but came to agreement after realizing the fragility of life due to Dixon’s accident. Looks like we will be seeing a Montgomery baby soon!

Naomi and Max.. These two where at there best during the premiere, they provided the comic relief of the episode as the episode was pretty serious. It was historical when they got trapped in most-wanted police chase. But i sense that there is merky water to tred this season as Max’s best friend does not like Naomi one bit and wants to destroy there relationship as he believes she ruins his life! I bet he will fall in love with Naomi and instead cause more trouble for Max than Naomi.

Vanessa & Liam.. These two are still at each others throats, Liam went as so far to burning down his bar to get rid of her.. But judging my next week’s promo.. she isn’t going anywhere! How will he ever get rid of her? Who else hated her as much as i did after disrespecting Silver and her cancer-gene.. Do you want her gone or do you love having her around to hate?

Adrianna!.. Way to be reckless, due to her frustration towards Dixon she ended up sleeping with a random dude (who later moves to the zip to work at Liam-now-Navid’s bar) to move on and forget about him. But Karma came back to bite, as she received the phone call about Dixon’s accident, Austin let he return home and she left immediately, which i applaud her for doing as Dixon asked for her. But will there relationship last once Dixon recovers and finds out about her affair?

Overall, a excellent return to the zip, maybe one of the best premieres the show had to date as it got right back into the story-lines that left us hanging last season. I look forward to seeing how this season plays out and in what direction the writers take it.. Let’s hope it is not the last season ever as this show is a worthy watch.

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