90210 5×02 “The Sea Change” Episode Review!

Another excellent episode following last weeks season premiere.. This season looks set to be a great one. Here’s what went down!
Vanessa & Liam… How crazy was that ending? Vanessa pushed Liam to insanity, she was driving him crazy last night as she blackmailed him into loving her as she held video footage of him destroying the bar.
Could this be the last we see of her or did she somehow survive that fall..
Dixon, Annie & the new guy… Dixon struggled to cope with his disability and pushed Annie away after meeting Riley Smith’s character, in which Annie shared some tension with (we can already tell these two will fall in love). Dixon later learns that he needs to be cared for as Annie finds him fallen on the ground. Get better soon Dixon!
Naomi and Max… Alec warmed up to Naomi tonight as she managed to throw a successful party as always, you gotta admit Naomi knows how to get everything her way.. and that’s why we love her! But by the end of the episode Alec made Max go to Japan to continue there business, ruining Naomi and Max’s honeymoon. Alec please stop interfering and leave these two be!
Adrianna and Taylor… Go Ade! She was feisty last night as she comforted Dixon on his return home, but Dixon sensed some weirdness going on with her (in which he is yet to find out about). She was particularly feisty with her one-night stand man Taylor, as she smacked him out for kissing her (hilarious on Ade’s part).
Its nice to see Ade become so strong, when she was much more weak in previous seasons. Her humor was also turned up much more last night with her discussion with the girls (apologizing to Silver once more for nearly killing her).  Lets hope Adrianna continues to grow this season
Silver and Teddy.. I actually liked Silver’s story last night as it moved away from the love triangle and focused on her relationship with Teddy as it was never quite covered as what they meant to each other when they dated.. Teddy stated it as it is as he would of never let her go if he was straight which means they both truly loved each other. It was nice to see there friendship dynamic return and to see that Silver still really loves him in a romantic way even if he cant love her that way back. It was also hilarious to see how they both attempted to tackle the issue of making a baby.
Overall, another excellent episode that promises to make season five the greatest season yet, it had just enough drama and humor in which 90210 works best. I hope the writers embrace this momentum and not stray off-path as the season goes on. With lots of guest star and returning characters I cant wait to see which direction the show takes.
What did you think of last nights episode? Do you think Vanessa survived the fall? Are you happy with the way Season 5 has kicked off?

Overall Rating: