How I Met Your Mother 8×01 ‘Farhampton’ Season Premiere Episode Review!

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How I Met Your Mother has finally returned after being left with a huge cliffhanger last season
and did it deliver?..

Yes! It provided fans with a more dramatic episode with fewer laughs as the direction of the episode was made to make fans believe as if it’s the beginning of the end.. which is may well be as a ninth season is unclear of being made at this point in time. Here’s a rundown of what went down..

Ted at Farhampton Station… This scene felt so finale, as Ted sat at a distance away from his wife-to-be who was once again with the yellow umbrella.. We only got a glimpse of her legs but it’s still hope in that we will find out much more sooner than later. It was a rather nice scene as Victoria’s ex delivered a nice little speech via voice-over to accompany the scene.
But let’s get back to the present.. Ted was in shock that Victoria didn’t leave a note for her ex, Klaus due to him being stood up in past seasons.. but in the end it turned out that her ex was leaving a note also not wanting to get married.. I guess that worked out nicely for both of them then.

Image Source: CBS

Barney, Robin & Quinn.. We were set back to the lead up to the wedding after the major reveal of Robin being the bride (in which both of them start to get wedding jitters). It was hilarious seeing Barney recap the series in 52 seconds when explaining to Quinn that he had dated Robin after hiding it from her ( it was also particularly funny as to how Barney removed Robin from all the past photos). Quinn then walks out on Barney.. only to return after Robin randomly admits to having a boyfriend she’s been dating?? I guess it could of happened, but it should of been hinted ar before but it’s HIMYM.. so were used to this type of thing.

Marshall & Lily.. These two were hugely sleep deprived from their newborn baby Marvin.. The story dragged a bit throughout the night but still managed to provide some funny one-liners from Marshall and gave us a nice little moment of them comforting Marvin during the end montage with the touching tune ‘The Funeral’ by Band Of Horses.

Overall, a great dramatic return to the mystery of figuring who Ted will eventually call his wife. It also provided fans with some light-hearted comedy and managed to get the gear running for a could-be final season. I for one, can’t wait to see how the writers handle closing the biggest mother mystery ever.

Overall Rating: