Glee Season Premiere (4×01) “The New Rachel” Review!

Glee is BACK!
And yes this time it was happily welcomed back as the show managed to take on a fresh new start .
Here are the highlights of season four’s opening episode.

Rachel is struggling!, We finally got to see Rachel get outside her comfort zone as her funky dance teacher (played by Kate Hudson) continuously pressured her throughout the episode. New York is definitely a tough cookie to crack, and im sure everyone was feeling sorry for her.
But it wasn’t all doom and gloom for Rachel as she met a new guy named Brody (played by Aussie actor Dean Geyer) who gave a bit of advice for her to enjoy the ride of becoming a ‘New Rachel’.
Finn better get his act together, as it looks as if the new Rachel is about to get a new love interest.
And by episodes end, she became further uplifted by reuniting with Kurt, just after breaking down a little to him.

The competition to become ‘The New Rachel’… Although not particularly original, it was still fun to see Blaine, Unique, Britney and Tina battle out to the top stop. Britney was also at her best once again, she kept delivering the best lines of the night. Tina was also more particularly humorous as she tried to bribe Artie for the top spot and renaming her tattoo to change after splitting with Mike Chang, who i’m sure will be back.
In the end, the new Rachel was awarded to Blaine.. but will he outlast this position to new character Marley?

Glee 2.0? Season 4 has introduced us to a new set of glee kids, and are they any good?.. well, there not to bad but may get better as we are yet to get fully warmed up to them. The noteworthy headliners are Marley & the reincarnation of Puck as they both have some worthy back-story into creating good character development (don’t ruin this Glee!). I particularly look forward to seeing Marley’s story grow.. and does anyone see a vocal resemblance with Smash’s Katharine McPhee?.

Dissapointments.. Where was Quinn? we don’t want a doppelganger version of her previous self, as the new look-a-like seems to offer nothing new to the table.. And who else was missing Santana, Puck and the rest of the old gang? The rest of the teacher’s gang? I hope glee doesn’t revert back to last season’s character placements as it was of this reason that the show went so downhill.

The covers.. I would give tonight’s performances a B+ as there were some not-worthy covers. The mashup cover of Dance Again & Americano was great, Rachel & Marley’s renditions of ‘New York State Of Mind’ and Adele’s ‘Chasing Pavements’ was superb and Blaine’s take on Imagine Dragons ‘It’s Time’ was nicely done.
‘Call Me Maybe’ was the weakest cover of the night, as the tune sounded heavily auto-tuned, but other than that, Glee was at it’s usual quality of great covers.

Worthy side-notes… Sue is thankfully back to her usual self, and now that the baby is born.. maybe we can get some better story-lines for her.
And on a final note.. did anyone else enjoy seeing the resemblance of season 1 during the closing song as Puck’s brother turned his back on the club after seeing them just like Will did in the first ever episode of Glee?.. It was a nice touch as to seeing the show come to a sort of full circle.

Overall, after a major let-down that was season 3, glee is reinventing itself by giving fans something fresh and going by the season’s opener.. we are in for a huge improvement. Let’s hope the show can keep hold of this, and continue to improve on it’s self as the show goes on as the show could go either way depending on where the writers take it.

Overall Rating:


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